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Selling [FREE] Database:Thousands of working landing pages used by others

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by johnnygood, May 29, 2013.

  1. johnnygood

    johnnygood Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    “To Defeat Your Competitors, Your Greatest
    Weapon Is Intelligence.” – Sun Tzu

    If you are serious about claiming the top spot in your market niche, it’s critical that you get
    the drop on your competition.

    Competitive spying is the most effective tool you can use to beat your competition where
    it counts: The Bottom Line.

    BoxOfAds.com is an innovative competitive spying service that gives you the information you
    need to defeat your competitors, including:

    Details about other Advertiser campaigns

    In deep analyze of target with list of all creatives for it.

    History of their campaign and how it changed over time

    Convenient ways to view ads:table,slideshow,thumbnails

    Biggest PPV networks supported LI and TV

    Easy way to find long-term campaigns

    And much, much more!

    If you want to outperform your competition, simply reviewing their landing pages is not
    enough. You need to know exactly what moves they are making, where they are focusing
    their marketing, and how much they are willing to spend.

    BoxOfAds.com is your complete source for competitive spying. We scan both major networks
    in the PPV industry -- LI and TV – and we provide our clients with unlimited access to all the
    screenshots of all the ads we scan.

    But that’s not all!

    Our system is updated every 24 hours with the latest, freshest ads

    Users can add targets of their own to scan at no additional charge

    You can even see when each ad was first and last seen!

    More than 500,000 landing pages are stored in our data base, with thousands more
    added every day!

    Armed with this intelligence, you will be fully poised to out-perform, out-promote and out-
    earn your competition every time!

    With BoxOfAds.com you get the vital information you need when you need it. Our simple
    user interface makes it easy to mine data gleaned from competitive spying and strike back
    before your competitors even know what’s happening!

    If you want to be the best, you need to work smarter than the competition. Get BoxOfAds.com
    and track your competitors’ campaigns, stealing their best ideas and counter-acting their
    next move before they even make it!

    Plus, if you order today, you will receive a Free 7 day Trial, so you can find out
    firsthand why Box of Ads is the most effective competitive spying program ever created!

    You’ll even receive an exclusive coupon code for $52 off your purchase! (Use code BOACPAF2)

    So what are you waiting for?! For a limited time only, you can try Box of Ads for free and
    get a discount off your purchase, but only if you act now!

    Check out BoxOfAds.com and get the inside information you need to dominate your product
    niche TODAY!!!

    Go to BoxOfAds.com
    For $52 discount use coupon code [/B]BOACPAF2[/B]

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