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Follow and know the best way to improve conversation rates in landing page

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by CPA.Stdnt, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. CPA.Stdnt

    CPA.Stdnt Affiliate affiliate

    We all know landing pages are one of the hotkey to earning profits. Right? And landing page is the most important part of every business, its work like the salesperson. That will convert into sales and leads.


    The highest the conversation rate your page gets, the more cash you will make from leads or sales.

    You can see that having an impressive and attractive landing page is key to profitability.

    But but, what does the affiliate marketers do to create a landing page?

    They use some spy tools, rip some landing pages they see or can find, and cross their fingers tight and hoping that it’ll convert well.

    What’s the problem with this method?

    They don’t even know WHY a landing page is successful or converting well and because of it, and they don’t know How to split test and come up with their landing pages.

    Believe it or not, their real success is depending on other peoples.

    In this guide, I will share the Framework I’ve personally used in the past years called LIFT model.

    If you want to make higher converting landing pages, you must need to understand the psychology behind optimization.


    The LIFT model has six components, those are:

    You have to increase >>>
    • Value Proposition
    • Relevance
    • Clarity
    • Urgency
    Those you have to decrease >>>

    • Distraction
    • Anxiety
    These are just the levers of landing pages. Optimizing a landing page or a concept, watch your profits come to your hand!

    Let’s go and know about these levers.

    1. Value Proposition: This is one of the most important parts to know about. What you are offering to peoples, does they really need it?

    Value means the benefits of your offer or service – “cost of obtaining that offer”

    Always remember, the cost isn’t just the price, it’s the energy and efforts it only takes to obtain it.

    The simplest way to show the value proposition is the angle. Then the visitors or peoples want your products.

    One good thing, I’ve learned from psychology is peoples are getting motivate from two ways, they are moving towards their goals or only moving from a pain.

    Peoples always will earn more money from “pain killer” than for “vitamins

    2. Relevance: A few days ago, I was analyzing one of my friend’s campaign, who is new in affiliate

    Marketing. Not sure why, but they weren’t profitable. They were getting cheap clicks, but none is getting converting into leads or profits.

    The landing page was not bad and looked fine. When I saw his ads campaign and his angles, that’s what I realized the problems of it.

    Easy to say, he was promoting an offer which has nothing to do with ads. The visitors clicked the ads for one thing, but my newbie friend was delivering another thing.

    Then he made the angles and landing pages more corresponding. Even though his CPC increase and his profit also.

    3. Clarity: Have you ever heard that an ugly, not good-looking landing page convert better? I don’t

    Reallythat’s a necessary case. The meaning is the deeper of landing pages are clear.

    How you can able to make your landing page more clear?

    First thing first, Better copywriting: Yes, you should be writing on a 5th grade level. Don’t try to use big fancy words.

    Second one is to make the call to action more prominent.

    The last one can be every single objects on your landing page must need to have a purpose. I always ask myself while creating landing page, “is this really going to boost conversation?” If not, then I get rid of it.

    4. Urgency: Believe it or not, This is one of the part and one of the most powerful psychological Principles.

    Your friends want you to hang out with them, but you think you better stay at home and catch up on Game of Thrones. :p

    But what, if your friend say that he is moving to overseas in few days and this could be the last time we will see each other for a while?

    Now tell me, how’s your motivation level now? Most probably 100X what it was before. Right?

    In this case, you have to give people a reason to take some action now. Peoples can easily distract.

    There are some specific way you can add urgency to your landing page. It might be helpful to know:

    Countdown timer: You can easily add a script that has a countdown widget. You’ve seen this infomercial on TV before. Example, you have 5 minute left to buy this or the offer you are promoting is going to end at mid night.

    Scarcity: You can easily communicate that there’s a limited supply of products or offers. Every dating landing page features this, I’ve seen.

    Example of text can be:

    “You must need to sign up now, we almost have a lot of men allowed on our site, we may not open the registration till six months.”

    One small tip that can help you to increase urgency, is to explain WHY.

    You can’t just tell peoples that you are closing the offer down in 5 minutes and expect people to believe in it.

    You have to give them a good or valid reason WHY…. Peoples aren’t stupid ;)

    5. Anxiety: You always want conversation, you always want the sales, you always want the leads.

    That lead brings you one step closer to retiring in Singapore.

    But what’s actually in the way of you are getting that lead?


    You are asking the visitors or peoples to take action.

    This means is pretty simple. They could be giving you their credit card or they are entering only personal information.

    To be honest, that’s kind of scary. There are a lot of creepers on the internet.

    You can easily use your landing pages to build trust.

    You can use the tips, I’ve written below.

    Social proof:

    Whenever you walk into a room full of peoples, you tend to adopt similar behavior to fit in with the group. Right?

    This is the way how peoples work, they just wanna fit in. can you show your audience or visitors that your products or offers help them to fit in?

    What sort of social proof can you offer to your audience?


    This is an ad from Oracle always says to me that “if you have a big company and you don’t use Oracle, you are missing out……… almost all of the biggest companies in the US use Oracle, but not you.”


    This is what actually peoples are saying about your offers or products. Sure there are a lot of fake testimonials out there, but if you can able to get real one, it will set you up for more long term success in your life.


    Someone captured this picture of Obama while he was in China, and then the company who makes these jackets somehow got hold of it.

    Next thing, the company puts massive billboards up with this picture.

    6. Distraction:

    Go through every single objects of your landing page, don’t miss any part.

    Ask yourself, does this increase my conversation rates?

    If nope, then just get rid of it. Hack away at the unessential.

    Now what?

    Analyze your landing pages and try to follow this model. Give your audience an offer, then reasons why they should take up or like your offer now.

    Always remember, real peoples always read your landing pages, because they have needs and wants. But they also have some fears, distraction and anxieties.

    Don’t just believe that what you currentl;y see out there is the best.


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    Nice Thread Thanks For Sharing Brother :)
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  4. CPA.Stdnt

    CPA.Stdnt Affiliate affiliate

    You welcome :) Happy to help brother
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    Brilliant guide, I'd say.
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  6. CPA.Stdnt

    CPA.Stdnt Affiliate affiliate

    :) Thanks for your effort on reading this guide.
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    Ibrahime AMEUR Affiliate affiliate

    Cool :) Thanks for sharing bro

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