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Focusing Dating Offers On Leadimpact - Please suggest

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by jeterboy, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. jeterboy

    jeterboy Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    So I decided to concentrate on (peerfly) dating offers on Leadimpact and guys I need some suggestions and your help. Yesterday I launched my first dating campaign.
    Target countries: US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand
    Active Keywords: 25
    Offer value: $ 4.75
    Tracking software used: Prosper202

    And within just an hour after the keywords was approved here's the result
    Spent: $5
    Impressions : 179
    LP Clicks: 2
    Conversion: 0
    The result might be horrible but I'm willing to learn. By the way I'm using the comparison method just let me know if you want to see my LP ,

    I'm now losing my money on Leadimpact but quitting is not my option. Guys I need some suggestions.

  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    If you are willing to lose money this is a good start! Make sure you track everything and test your creatives - this will help you determine what works best! How many creatives are you testing atm?
  4. whisky

    whisky Affiliate affiliate

    You spent $5 on 25 targets. What means you spent $0.2 per target. If you really want to test you must spend at least value of offer on each target. In case you are tight on budget you can indicate bad targets with seeing what landing page CTR you got on specific target. If it's very very low get rid of this target. Also try to rotate some offers. Don't just test 1 offer at moment.
  5. Ori.w

    Ori.w Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It can take time to find the right offer with the right traffic. Be patient, you will get there at the end.

    You need to test many offers and actually loose some $$ before. Once you find the right offer that converts, you'll cover up the loss in no time.

    Also, go stage by stage: If you don't get enough clicks - Change creative.
    If you get many clicks, but no conversions, Maybe the lander isn't good enough. You can try putting a pre-lander for it.
    If that doesn't work - Change the offer!!
  6. giagiafi

    giagiafi Affiliate affiliate

    Great learning here, thanks everyone, cheers!

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