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FIRST of many (I hope)

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by bernardosgr, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. bernardosgr

    bernardosgr Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    0Day : jumpstart and mental preparation

    I might not update this daily, but I'll try my best to do so. If not daily, once every 2 days.

    My plan is to do some keyword research based on the knowledge I've been gaining through what I've read so far, get good keywords and make a little simple site on that/those keywords with some articles (probably will outsorce the article writing, might get some free stuff online and then spin it or rewrite, etc.), get a/some CPA offer(s) to go with whatever the site's on, probably email/zip submit offers, maybe a content locker or something like that, who knows... Then I'll do some SEO (since I have SENuke X and some other tools for the job I'm thinking, what the hell) and try to get my site ranked very well. I might monetize the site some other ways but currently can't remember any.

    If you have any suggestions be my guests and criticize the crap out of me, please ;) Also, am I supposed to display the exact keywords I'm working with? And what CPA companies do you suggest I use?

    Thanks a lot and,

    wish me luck! :D
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Good luck man, and WELL DONE your already doing more than 80% of people!

    Lets get this started - i wouldn't display your keywords as competitors may take advantage - but your niche may be nice to let us know, don't give everything away just enough for us to help you.

    I would suggest going with peerfly to start - apply here and i will talk to Luke and get you approved!

    Then search for some nice offers and hit up Luke for some entail advice at which to pick for SEO - then report back

    good luck bro!
  4. bernardosgr

    bernardosgr Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    First of all, thanks a lot K, it's really good and assuring to get some feedback right away, I registered at peerfly and am now awaiting approval mate

    Day 0.5:

    Well, today I have some stuff to do for college so I'm calling it day 0.5 and will start with attitude tomorrow :rolleyes:, anyway, as an addition to what I said on my previous post and as an answer to K's post:

    My site will be on an upcoming game, maybe something around it's beta or something like that, I'd say my strategy will be anticipating future trends and getting some small sites (not sure if micro-niche) on it, with the domain name, preferably, containing my target keyword (this is why I'm not registering the domain and getting the hosting today). I'm also reading bamboo keywords ebook for some extra knowledge

    About the niche, I'm having some trouble thinking up ways to monetize it (besides the CPA offers), adsense seems a logical step but since I'll be using SENuke I'm unsure. Concerning the CPA side of it I was thinking maybe some email/zip submits for other gaming sites and I find something related to the specific product I'm promoting even better; maybe Amazon for buying the game in advance or promotion of one of those sites where you pay to get a virtual copy of the game, what do you guys think? I'm also not sure if I'm gonna have to make a landing page for the CPA offer or if I can just make a 2-4 pages long site, get one or 2 articles on each page and it's good to go?

    Thanks for all the help and,

    See you next time ;)
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    A great way of getting people interacting and also to offers is to set up a poll

    for example

    which game do you are you looking forward to the most?

    Halo 5
    Mass Effect 3

    they vote and then are redirected to a direct linking page for email submit "win mass/halo" offer!


    Good luck pm this thread to "Luke" from peer fly to get accepted quicker!
  6. bernardosgr

    bernardosgr Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Ok, will do that since I'm really eager to start this project and start learning some serious stuff and getting some results, btw, what do you think of the outline of my plan I did?

    Oh and about your suggestion, you're talking about a poll on my site, with a redirection to my landing page? Wouldn't it be hard to get a site like that well ranked?
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Take a look Here at a similar kind of plan, for long term SEO is GREAT - if you can't wait build your SEO and content up and gain instant traffic via other methods like PPC or video linking!

    The poll would just be an edition on the side column or maybe a blog post! It's not the main feature on the site!
  8. bernardosgr

    bernardosgr Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    OK OK I thought so, for a long term site would you recommend adsense monetization? I'm kind of unsure about this whole minisite, landing page, CPA offer thingy, maybe I'll get a good, averagely big site and make it rank nicely building some links, but who knows. What do you think of using SeNuke X throughout a few days and ranking my site on top, for a long-term site? Is it a good ideaor will google slap me instantly?
  9. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey! I'm also portuguese :D Adsense is pretty good when you are in a good niche where advertisers pay well. I do not know nothing about that senuke, but if it has brought results in past try it again.

    Now, isntead of wondering just take action. If Google ever slaps you, that's a way for you to learn. Decide on the game -> write content-> set up your website -> monetize it via amazon, adsense or cpa (in fact, try them 1 at a time or all at the same time, not spamming, and see the result) -> do some SEO stuff.

    Hope it helped

    EDIT: just looked into SEnuke X and it looks pretty good, and if they do what they say your site might look natural and you won't have problems IMO.
  10. digitalceo95

    digitalceo95 Affiliate affiliate

  11. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    This got me curious. Will I do this manually? or it has a plugin to make it easier?

    I am learning from this. =)
  12. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Its harder now because the timeline has come into play - but you can set up a simple php poll on an external site with the same effect really!
  13. Best of luck. Look forward to seeing your CPA success and you progress in the industry.
  14. ptristan88

    ptristan88 Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck man, and WELL DONE your already doing more than 80% of people!