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Find Good Expired Domains for Niche Affiliate Marketing

Linda Buquet

Dan AKA Salvo just blogged about a cool new service for finding expired domains that have some traffic and PR. Finding an existing domain targeted to your niche can give you a HUGE jumpstart.

Dan writes:

"This could be a very useful tool for those affiliates who participate in niche marketing and subscribe to niche marketing blogs and forums like the one at 5StarAffiliatePrograms."

Check it out here: Expired Domain Lists with Alexa Rank and PR.

Newbies, I don't think this is necessarily a good place for you to start. I think a free blog, Hubpage or Squidoo lens for your niche may be better - again just for your very 1st site.

Thanks for linking to the new 5 Star Niche Marketing forum Dan.
Here's one back atcha! :)


New Member
Thanks for linking back Linda!

I think the niche marketing forum is an awesome resource and I'm happy to let others know about it.