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Finally we can start marketing!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by lyndonhd, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. lyndonhd

    lyndonhd Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Affiliates! I posted a simplar thread to Zac and thought i'd get everyone's opinions in this section aswell.

    We've been developing WeShouldTravel for about 2 years now, and with the introduction of the weshouldtravelCLUB we are finally ready to start marketing this product. We are a very small team and as much as we have had some experience in internet marketing, it's definitely not our profession. We do have a very solid sales process that we're sure will convert, the only problem is we don't have anyone promoting our product!

    What's your advice on getting affiliates to promote our travel club? We offer very good commisions (up to 70%) and the value of our product will not be an issue either. Also, if we're to do this WITHOUT affiliates, where would we start by doing it ourselves? banner campaigns?

    Thank you in advance! Regards, Lyndon Davis.
  2. terraleads
  3. vukasini

    vukasini King of the Wisdomland affiliate

    It doesn't seem like Internet Marketing isn't your profession. Your ideas for the start without Affiliates is solid. Banner Campaigns are really effective but I'm not sure whether it will be good for travel site. However, if I'm in your shoes, I would get affiliates to promote your product and cut them from 70% to 50%.
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  4. lyndonhd

    lyndonhd Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the reply, Vukasini.
    When i say affiliate marketing is not my profession, i mean i haven't had much experience in it. We have a VERY solid infrastructure including our own email studio's sitting on very powerful servers. But you can have the best product in the world and it mean nothing to the rest of the world, because noone knows about it, right? So how would i go about getting affiliates to promote my product?
    Thanks in advance :)
    Lyndon Davis
  5. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    when you are starting to promote any product CPA Networks are only a tool you can use. you can start your own affiliate program internally as well and have traffic flow from networks directly to your site and vise versa.

    When you have any type of product you will want to use a lot of social media to get the word out. you should already have some sort of social media, so you will want to create separate account just for this one product. direct people to videos explaining what the product is, use email marketing to get people to sign up to your newsletter for special discounts as well as special add on's to your product. This is a no brainer for new products because if someone will buy they will sign up for a small discount or something of value

    Use social pod casts or meetings that you invite people to listen to online as well as call in and talk with you. You can make these meeting about simply talking about your product. you also don't have to have a long meeting either. just create a simple PowerPoint talking about the benefits of using your products as well as how it will change the way your potential customers do business...etc..

    You can also use forums to garnish interest in your product along with YouTube for short video previews of your product. Don't tell people about hat it actually is....don't give anything away and make them curious about what it actually does or provides. Have people sign up for updates and special discounts that will be locked in just in case they decide to purchase as well

    Look for niche related sites and purchase banner advertising in premium sports if you can afford. you want to make sure your banners are once again mysterious and do not give away much...if you want to go that direction., if not..try to get emails and provide incentives for clicking through. Your only goal with banners is this....get them to click through. Store fronts do the same thing as well as dealerships. they put all the most expensive cars and products in the front that will draw you in. Victoria secrets is great at this. Try to be creative with your marketing and you will peek curiosity which is half of your job to begin with. people buy most of the things they do not because they intended to, but because of their curiosity. paint a picture of what their life will be like with your product and they will start to place themselves in your world

    if you need extra help let me know. if you need help with campaigns you can go to our network site as well. link is below.
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  6. lyndonhd

    lyndonhd Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you very much man! I will take all of this into account and let you know how we go :)

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