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Feel Good Persistence


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We have all too often heard that to succeed in network marketing, we have to be persistent. I agree with this. In fact, not only in network marketing, we should be persistent in all things we do.

Many people just 'force' themselves to be persistent. They keep telling themself to push forward and not to give up, but for how long and how many times can they force themselves to it. Eventually, many of them would give up before they actually achieve what they set out to do. I know because I've been through this before. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should give up easily. What I'm trying to say is that you cannot last if you force yourself to do something.

So frequently when a successful person is asked 'What is your secret to success?', their answer is almost always in a single word, 'Persistence'. How do they do it then? Behind their persistency, there is something called passion. Yes, passion is the key to persistency and to many other things required to be successful.

With passion, persistence comes automatically. Why? With passion, you'll enjoy whatever you do. When you enjoy doing it, you'll never feel like giving up.

This is what I call Feel Good Persistence. Are you passionate of the things you do?

Linda Buquet

I like motivational article like this. Thanks for sharing.

FYI the people here do affiliate marketing not network marketing.
But like you said persistance is a good thing to remember in whatever we do.


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I agree passion is an important part of persistence, which is why it is important to choose a niche market that you are genuinely interested in.


Right on the money there Wilson!
I had a kind of ho-hum attitude until I read a few books and bios recently,
and then BAM! Something finally clicked.Now I don't know if it's passion, obsession, or what, but I'm loaded with enthusiasm, and will not quit until I make a go of this. I'm on a mission!