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Favorite Success Books


New Member
Hello everyone. I am new new to this forum.

A question I'd like to ask everyone is what are your favorite success books.

Mine are:

1) Think and Grow Rich

2) The Magic of Thinking Big

3) Rhinoceros Success

Linda Buquet

Hi J.Albright,

I like the post and hope everyone shares.

I don't make time to read any more but I used to love to listen to Brian Tracy's books on tape about selling. Plus I've always been a HUGE Tony Robbins fan.


Best book BY FAR in my opinion on wealth related success is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. It's all on the inner game of wealth and helps you manage your money to a T that will make your money grow and not slip through your fingers when you get it.

I recently went to his Millionaire Mind Intensive three day seminar (free with the book) and it was absolutely amazing. This guy is the forefront of personal change and wealth strategy.