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False Profit

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by vitaguy, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. vitaguy

    vitaguy Affiliate affiliate

    Is it not amazing how so many Gurus peddle all kinds of "Miracle solutions" to newbies, many without so much as an inch of shame. There should be some kind of litmus testing of all super guru apps by an independent body of professionals with some government oversight involved.
    Granted, one may wish there were little to no interference from the state, but there has to be much more protection that a money back guarantee, since many persons do not realize they throw away money each time they not bother to ask for a refund for a single digit item, which just emboldens the so called Gurus.
  2. AffBank
  3. dday500

    dday500 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Vitaguy, You are so right, these thieves sell you on overnight success get your money and gone. They stick you on their list to sell their buddies garbage to as well. Guru A, B and C promote Guru D’s product and then Guru D returns the favor and your broke with nothing to show from it. Even with that said keep the Government offline they never get it right. Whoever pays the most will win the argument and we get the shaft. I seen something a while ago that said just get off the guru's list and you wont be temped by their bull crap. Once you send the money it's gone and your left with garbage and a sales letter. Cheers...
  4. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, the last thing we need to have is the government stepping in and trying to regulate this.
    It is screwed up now that these so called gurus can rip people off and not get nailed for it. However,
    if we brought in the government - the end result would only be worse for use all. Keep them out!

    The right thing is as dday500 says - just unsubscribe from all their lists. Don't buy the stuff. Find someone
    who really wants to help (like our very own K here at CPAFix) and follow them and IGNORE the rest. It is
    impossible to follow 5 leaders at once anyway - you only get confused. Stay with one person who really
    does care and who really helps and learn from them. If you get what they have to teach down fully - then
    maybe move on and with due diligence, pick another person to learn from - but only one at a time.

    Then you won't go crazy and get tempted by the volumes of crap that gets splashed out there everyday
    promising you the world by tomorrow.

  5. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, most big guys will give you a blueprint for the most part. That's really nice & all, but after 1 month it's for the most part outdated, and the ones that buy the course will wonder why they aren't making any money... To me the real Guru's are the ones that say they are not guru's :D Those guys are really worth subscribing to their list and if they help me I will be more willing to buy their product. Guru's just use hype and nothing else.
  6. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    First of all..

    It is totally foolish to buy every product you see online and claims to make you a fortune overnight!

    Before buying any product you must research about it and do a little google search of the product creator! See IF the creator is well known or just some newbie who wrote a dumb guide and you bought it With a dream to buy a Mercedes next weekend LOL

    Always remember If you place your hands on Fire yourself then you cant shout that Fire called you near ;)

    As per the Money Back Guarantee .... Ask for money back if you re not satisfied with the product!

  7. kjrocker

    kjrocker Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    well hey i just want to ask one question who is dying to buy push button solutions? Here i am not taking side of anyone but the fact is that these days majority of noobs is lazy believe me if there is no lazy noob on internet not a single guru product will sell.Examples are endless i myself know many people who lost thousands to fraudsters .. I wont go in details but there is another fraudulent industry which is destroying CPA Networks and even newbie affiliates both i am talking about guaranteed leads. Now why a person will look for guaranteed cpa leads? Answer is laziness

    ~ KJ