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Facebook vs Traffic Vance vs 50onRed vs LeadImpact vs 7Search vs Bing vs vs Adwords (YT included)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by waterfall, Mar 19, 2016.

Are you using Adwords for affiliate marketing?

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  3. I got banned back in the day (ouch)

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  1. waterfall

    waterfall Affiliate affiliate

    There are many traffic sources out there but Google is a really good one when you are working with local companies.

    I'm pretty sure most people here are still using the other traffic platforms outside of
    Google. Many affiliates think they cannot advertise on Google but that isn't the case.

    Here is an example of a Google compliant site. buyer review (not my site but just an example I found). Please don't contact the poor owner. There are plenty of examples online and you can ask anything here instead to share with the group.

    Always have terms of service or privacy policy in the footer and make the site look filled out and not just like a squeeze page (which Google hates - although I have made a few parallax style sites advertising with big budgets on Adwords for car loans that look like a squeeze page until people scroll down). Include an about page, contact page, disclaimers, and have lots of content on your site and not have any wild claims. Just remember that Google is the #1 search engine for a reason and they want to provide a good user experience. If you can help people find what they are looking for then you will have an easier time with Adwords. The people who were getting banned were mostly direct linking to CPA offers which is just spam.

    If you are getting a click on Adwords for 0.19-0.50 for some uncompetitive KWs you can send people to your site that reviews a series of different products. If they are motivated to buy hosting they will click on one of your affiliate links (disclose that you have aff links on your site and make a commission.

    For example you send them to a review page on 10 different hosting companies and put your affiliate links in for each one. This way you aren't direct linking but are still remaining compliant and Google is ok with it as long as your pages are filled with content.

    An advanced step in my opinion is going direct to companies and cutting out the middleman (affiliate network). I've been able to negotiate with some local companies to payout as much as $500 for a lead instead of a few dollars per lead (just for a name, email, phone, address submit) but you have to know how to sell your services. In a way, you can call it a business if you are generating leads yourself and selling them to local companies. The higher the volume, the lower the payout. Currently my highest payout for a volume lead buyer is between $35-$100. It's riskier to jump in this way but the reward is worth it. For just getting your feet wet however the aff networks are good. I've met affiliate marketers who get paid $80 per lead and were making a pretty good income in the 5-figure per month range while at the same time I was getting paid $500 per lead just because I went direct to local companies and was able to become their primary lead source. The volume isn't as high but it is extremely easy to profit from this model. (Adwords (search, GDN, YouTube) , Bing, Facebook, Retargeting via Adroll - Google tags manager.

    If you are just starting out I would advise to offer client-services for them and set up their ad accounts (Adwords). Once you have enough data, you already know what works and can just go into a different marketplace with that knowledge/rough data in an area that doesn't compete with your client and repeat the process e.g. a different State. Most local businesses stay in one area.
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  2. terraleads
  3. Daniel Robey

    Daniel Robey Affiliate affiliate

    Do you know if it is possible to run a PPC campaign on Bing that points to a single landing page with one CPA affiliate offer without getting banned?
  4. waterfall

    waterfall Affiliate affiliate

    In the past it was fine but I wouldn't do it now unless you are using a more sophisticated link cloaker.

    Build out a review site that looks like a legitimate business and has lots of content on it.

    If you just want to direct link you are better off using trafficvance ($1000min deposit), leadimpact, mediatraffic, 50onred.
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  5. jonathan vodini

    jonathan vodini Affiliate affiliate

    Daniel of course u can!

    Wat question is this? Why the hell they should ban u?

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