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Facebook Ad Checklist.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by ianternet, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. ianternet

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    Facebook Ad Checklist.

    In this guide I will teach how to effectively set up your first Facebook Ad and what to look out for.

    Some things to note...

    Facebook is very 'segment-oriented'. Have a VERY good profile in your mind of who you're targeting, and reasons why they'd buy what you have to sell. Using a URL of an existing (competitor) site selling something similar to what you have, go to Quantcast.comand get free demographics data. You can use this to enter keywords into Facebook ads and segment your market very narrowly.

    TIP: While you are researching, go to Compete.com and see which of your competitors is gaining the most traffic and whose traffic trends are sharply UP. Consider elements of what they do, as a 'template'.

    Log into About Advertising on Facebook | Facebook and get ready to enter info for your ad. I recommend you 'pre-build' and SAVE the text you are going to enter in Notepad on your computer, before you enter your info into Facebook ads. REASON: if/when your ad gets rejected, you will not have to start from scratch. So build it in Notepad and save the file as .txt this will save you a lot of time, later on.

    Ad Text

    Be careful NOT to exaggerate in your ad. DO NOT be 'hypey'. Enter Title of ad. Enter BodyText. Make sure you can deliver on what you promise in your ad on the landing page that follows. But without selling too hard (preferably without trying to sell anything at all on this first page. The way to do this is to have a special landing page, possessing certain special features Facebook ad reviewers are trained to seek, between the Facebook ad and your 'money page'.


    Enter keywords and other elements from your research into your Facebook ad management panel you believe will narrow who sees your ad on Facebook, down your target audience.

    TIP: make sure they have money if your offer requires expenditure from the prospect! For example, do not target 16 or 18 year olds if you wish to sell a $50 item. Free CPA lead or similar offers may work for younger age groups.

    Using a photo/image

    In your ad sourced from the web, iStockPhoto or similar. Make sure it is small in size and not offensive in any way. Example semi-naked or even mostly clothed images are often a no-no. Don't use images of people who are fat in weight loss ads as Facebook considers this to be a negative as it can make overweight members feel inadequate. You can also try having text placed on top of the image it often increases response.


    Two effective Facebook bidding strategies to try: Bid 1-3 cents more than the minimum bid and see what happens. Adjust as necessary. Alternately; try bidding and 50% of the highest bid. Wait a few days then bid at the highest recommended and see which gives you the best ROI.

    Suggest you set a low Campaign budget ($50-$100 a day to start). Use PPC vs CPM at the start.

    Watch your ad spend and CTR like a hawk, for the first few hours. Adjust bids as necessary.

    Always build a second, even more gentle/benign version of your ad that stands an even better chance of getting approved if the first ad fails to pass review. Ad approvals often take 2-3 days and you don't want to wait that long for the second approval attempt as well. So always build at least two versions right from the start.

    Rejected Ads

    If both ads are rejected by Facebook, read their reasons (you will get a somewhat helpful email with a repeat of their standard rules but reasons for ad refusal are often murky) and accommodate as necessary. If your ad is accepted, copy it right away using the Facebook ad copy feature and build a more "aggressive" Facebook ad. See what they will approve and you need to push the boundaries with this new version.


    Facebook can disable your account if you have;

    Incorrect spelling, grammar or slang
    Incomplete thoughts
    Irrelevant images or content
    Abbreviations or symbols in place of words
    Offensive language
    Capitalization of words (depends what type of word and what emphasis it has on the ad)

    Most Facebook advertisers who complain of poor results are lacking effort in at least one of the three indicators of Facebook advertising success;

    Focus on narrow niches that will buy. Entertain and inform, rather than hard-sell.

    Test and track correctly
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