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Facebook ad account disabled

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Yassine11, May 21, 2020.

  1. Yassine11

    Yassine11 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys ,

    Hope you are doing well !

    I am trying to run some sweepstakes offers on facebook ads,
    I know facebook is strict with this kind of advertising but I found it is profitable and found some good offers but the problem is that facebook is always disabling my ad accounts
    I want to ask if there is a method to run these ads safely or with low risk on facebook ?
    and is verified business managers are more stable or not ? and how can I verify it ?
    sorry for these many questions but all my ad accouts are disabled...
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. chervenkov

    chervenkov Affiliate affiliate

    You can cloack but your BMs will be banned again soon or later. What sweeps you are running?
  4. soluchan

    soluchan Affiliate affiliate

    Do they stick at least for a week?
  5. Rinki Sharma

    Rinki Sharma Affiliate affiliate

    If your account is disabled you may write a mail to Facebook and now Facebook has 24*7 customer service, you may contact them and they will surely help you on this
  6. chervenkov

    chervenkov Affiliate affiliate

    Depends from so many variables
  7. fmodesto

    fmodesto Affiliate affiliate


    You need to "cheat" Facebook in order for it to approve your ad. That is right.
    And there are countless ways to do this.
    I do it through a tool, in which it disguises the link.
    In other words, I put the link on Facebook, it is read in a way by the platform, but people who are affected by my ad can read it in another way. And that makes the link cloaked and I can advertise just about anything on Facebook.

    Another thing, regarding copy.
    You cannot say anything in your copy that is prohibited by facebook. Otherwise, your ad will be blocked.

    You want to announce something for the draw, beauty, but you need to develop a copy that doesn't say anything about the draw, but that when people look at your ad, they can understand that it is a draw.
    You see?
    It's kind of confusing, but that's how it works.
    The fb algorithm needs to understand one thing and the people who will look at your ad need to understand another.
  8. Bezos

    Bezos Affiliate affiliate

    Nowadays, it is very difficult to get advertisements on Facebook.