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[Expert Guide] 3 Effective Ways To Get Repeat Traffic To Your Website

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Shawn Mackay, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Shawn Mackay

    Shawn Mackay Affiliate affiliate

    Traffic is the secret weapon, but do you know what really gets me excited when I login to my Google Analytics account? The repeat visitors. The more someone comes back to my site, the more valuable I know the content I've offered. And this is why I, Shawn Mackay, will share my 3 favorite traffic generation techniques that brings me repeat traffic every time.

    Let's be fair and honest. Something in my content or products is so good that the visitor wants to come and read more about it at a later date. Actually they are practically begging me to sell them something. So, how do I generate all that massive repeat traffic? Here are 3 top methods that have worked absolutely perfect for me:

    1. Setup an Authority Site - Think about all those sites that most people visit every day. At the top of the list are of course social media and news like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, CNN. What do they both have in common? They provide a comprehensive view on a subject important to the reader. Something that I or you would like to read or watch.

    Similarly, I offer relevant information for the niche in which I'm marketing (IM and Forex). Once I do this, my readers continue coming back regularly to review my newest articles and ideas. The goal here is not to just create informative content, but regularly updated & fresh content because it develops a sense of activeness.

    2. Provide Free Resources - Another valuable resource that many visitors will keep on their bookmark bar is the free tool or any free stuff. What do you have in your bookmarks bar right now? A site analyzer, dictionary, this forum, or perhaps a list of those websites like Facebook and Twitter that you regularly visit for infotainment or entertainment.

    Its a great idea to develop a tool (browser toolbar or an app) in your niche, for your visitors. This has really worked for me. I know that developing these tools or plugins can be a little expensive for you, but again, they will continuously pour in highly valuable traffic in the form of loyal users.

    So I've got a much better idea for you. Create a simple podcast and publish it on your blog or website. Create some hype on your social media profiles with a strong headline like "[LISTEN] The Secret Of Being Wealthy". Share this post as much as you can. If you want, you can also lock the podcast until someone subscribes to your list. Similarly, send a quick email to your subscribers as well with the link to your podcast. Now just wait to see the magic.

    You won't only get returning visitors to your site but, you also attract a lot of new readers as well at the same time.

    Expert Tip: You can create a browser toolbar or create a free mobile app using DIY tools available on the web. Just Google for it and pick the one you like. Most of them are free or low priced.

    3. Create Scarcity in Your Emails - If you have a mailing list of users that have visited your site, and are actively subscribed to your emails, use it as a technique to drive return traffic. Offer incentives for return visits. Tell your readers that a certain content/product will only be available for a limited amount of time and if they get access to it, they would receive an exciting bonus from you. With this strategy you would definitely receive return customers or readers because the sense of limitation or scarcity always works!

    An important thing should also be mentioned here that whenever you write an email to your subscribers, try to be friendly and interactive to them. Be helpful and honest with them because you don't want your sales to decline.

    As an ending note, I would like to refer you all to an amazing free ebook which clearly explains a business example that has produced great results for me and it would surely help you too! You can grab the link from my signature below.
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