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Affiliates Wanted Exclusive/nontrivial product in financial niche

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by AN.MDT, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. AN.MDT

    AN.MDT Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Dear Members,

    We offer you an interesting and a nontrivial financial product (CopyTrading).

    MyDigiTrade - is a service engaged in searching for experienced traders in the financial markets. Our users may select successful and profitable strategies, connect to them and copy identical trades into their brokerage accounts.

    Watch a video presentation:

    Our benefits:
    • The service is free of charge for our client. You don’t need to pay for connection to strategies, subscription, pay percentage of your profit, etc.
    • We cooperate with leading brokerage companies from all over the world. Client may select a broker by himself/herself, open account with it and connect it to our platform.
    • It is in our interests for clients to make a profit. The idea is quite simple: our company benefits by earning a part commission/spread from transactions (“fees”). These fees are credited to our account by our partnered brokers. The more money our clients make, the higher is trading volume, and vice versa.
    Our Affiliate Program:

    We invite webmasters and affiliate marketers, who were inspired by the idea and could appreciate its potential.

    In contrast to trading alone with brokerage companies, we have a long life cycle of active clients, high trading volume (due to connection of several trading strategies to one account). As a whole, it is a product that adds a special value to clients.

    We offer two basic models of cooperation:

    P.S. We pay not only for new clients, but also for active traders, who can connect already opened and active brokerage account to our service.

    Welcome to our Affiliate Program page
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
  2. newbidder
  3. Lenorka88

    Lenorka88 Affiliate affiliate

    What type of traffic is allowed?
  4. AN.MDT

    AN.MDT Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Dear Members,

    We inform you that new landing pages are available under MyDigiTrade platform’s affiliate program.

    For more info please follow Forex affiliate program page

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