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Excellent Free Marketing Idea - Must Read


Hi All,

This forum is a major motivational source for me because of the wealth of knowledge it contains. I have benefited a great deal from this forum.

I felt it was time to give back something in return. Not sure what kind of responses I would get on this, but today a free marketing idea popped up into my head. So here it is:

We all know the benefits of Adsense, YSM, SEO, and the list goes on. But, a simple idea can generate some free traffic to your website. Right now I am in the process of developing a website that caters to almost all audience.

So, I have ordered couple of T-shirts with my website's logo. For example, a nice T-shirt with your logo printed on front and back could really get you some extra traffic with people seeing you. Moreover, it can also generate some word of mouth advertising so that its not just limited to your city. I know you must be thinking what's new in that. Companies do that all the time, but how many affiliates do that?

I think if your website contains quality content, you'd sure get some repeat traffic with this idea. Ofcourse, there is some initial investment of getting a t-shirt, but compared to your PPC costs, I think its a great idea.

Hope you guys like this idea:)