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Every 1000$/day start with simple action

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by yosef, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. yosef

    yosef Guest

    First of all a little background about my six month program:

    I am going to promote Sweepstakes on mobile.
    My traffic source is Zeropark
    MyGoal is 100$/day I don't believe on deadline, I believe on Everyday Tasks!

    I have a limited budget, then I have to be very hard with my planning

    First step: Testing:

    Total budget of testing : 70$
    Number of days of testing: 7 days
    daily budget: 10$
    first day bid: 0.0006

    I put very low bid befor Zeropark aprrove my campaig, it's a lesson that I leaned when I loose all my budget in one hour :)

    Traffic source: Zeropark
    Affiliate Network: Mundomedia
    Vertical: Sweepstakes
    Geo: Portugal
    Pay out:11$

    My purpose of day 1:
    1. optimize the bid to maximum impressions on 10$ budget a day.
    2. black list LP's that CTR are very low (on my opinion less 5%)
    3. waiting for conversions :)

    results day 1:


    investment : 6$
    Conversions: 0
    Profit: -6$

    1. There are 3 LP's with very low CTR, i will stop send traffic to them.
    2. I will try new LP and see the results.
    3. wait for the first conversions :)

    Help ME :)
    1. Is it right to remove the LP's with low CTR or i need to give them chance.
    2. what can i do to improve CTR
    3. why on your opinion the CTR of the first LP so high (I couldn't found the reason).

    thanks and see you tomorrow.
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  2. terraleads
  3. jakon

    jakon Affiliate affiliate

    Watching your thread brethern
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  4. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Hey bro, i'm fairly new to AM as well. But from looking at your data and looking at your offer payout it seems to me you haven't gathered enough data to cut any landers just yet. Each lander is spending between .68 - .99 cents. That's not nearly enough spend to gather enough data. Although CTR can play a small indication in how good a lander could be. Conversions are everything. I've had one lander with super crappy CTR come out on top conversion wise.
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  5. JH1nz

    JH1nz Affiliate affiliate

    Very interesting. I will be watching your thread.
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  6. juzlee

    juzlee Affiliate affiliate

    nice journey. bookmarked! :) goodluck
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  7. yosef

    yosef Guest

    Thank my friends about your feedback, Every day in action is good lesson for me!

    Hello my Friends

    After 3 days there was no conversions, I decide to watch again the Webinar of Affiliatefix with Taiwo on youtube

    I understood that for a Newbie I had done bad decision when I picked up this offer:
    * First of all the payout of 11$ is very high, for testing this offer I need big budget.
    * Taiwo advised for beginners pick SIO (single opt in) offers on sweepstakes they are easier to get conversions.

    Then I decide stop the offer and looking for SIO sweepstakes offer
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  8. Ismail

    Ismail Affiliate affiliate

    Why don't you try some mobile content offers!
    Have a good luck!
  9. yosef

    yosef Guest

    I think its very important to stick on one vertical until you get your goal!
    It easy to give up after one or ten attempts but it could happen on mobile content offers too...I don't know is it right thing to do, but on my experience on other things in my life when I jumped from one to other i always failed, but when I have stick on something long enough it get me good results :p:)

    I don't giving up on sweepstakes!! I will muster on this vertical !!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2016
  10. yosef

    yosef Guest

    I will start with the second attempt:

    First step: Testing:

    Total budget of testing : 20$
    Number of days of testing: 2 days
    daily budget: 10$
    bid: 0.0006

    Traffic source: Zeropark
    Affiliate Network: Mundomedia
    Vertical: Sweepstakes
    Geo: Australia
    Pay out:3$

    The big plan:
    I decide to take a Facebook theme that get me the best CTR and test 3 angles on it:
    1.wining by city.
    2.wining by carrier.
    3.wining by browser.

    The results after 2 days:


    Yes I know the result are not good but again i am saying "never give up" !!

    OK I decide to do some actions to understand the sweepstakes vertical:
    I am going to buy a spy tool for one month, I buy it although a small budget i have, i have to learn from the real world and see how i am going improve myself!

    wish me good luck!
  11. SiDH

    SiDH Affiliate affiliate

    1)you should use A/B testing with landing pages.
    2) Find our why your users are leaving landing page on which step
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  12. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Hey msg me if you want to split cost on a spy tool? Keep at it my friend.
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  13. yosef

    yosef Guest

    OK I had failed again :)

    If you ask yourself why I smile the simple answer for that is...I feel my progress and i know that my first profit will come soon!

    I want to say to all the readers of my post that writing her on Affiliaxefix can open you a lot of opportunities that you don't know, few days ago i had a wonderful chat with a member of this forum that i have learned in one hour all i couldn't learn all my time as affiliate.

    thanks my friend from Egypt :)

    "If you fail to plan you plan to fail" a good lesson of my Egypt-en friend

    I am going to ask my AM's 10 Sweepstakes and Vouchers offers
    every offer will get 4 LP's
    Every offer will take me 1 day testing with a budget of 40-50$

    I have to be like a machine:
    Test ---> good ---> optimize and scaling
    Test---> bad ---> cut and move on

    I am excited by the future !!!! :p:);)
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  14. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Keep at it my friend
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  15. Shanr02

    Shanr02 Affiliate affiliate

    I love your dedication bro! If you want help with Facebook advertising I am more than happy to help. Just send me a PM
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  16. yosef

    yosef Guest

    thanks man ;)

    when i say that you don't know from where you will get help, i means to this!

    Wish me good luck tomorrow i am going to start with the third offer!
    i had choose 10 offers now i will work work test and test!
  17. yosef

    yosef Guest

    I need a little help understanding about respond time of my domain?

    i have domain and hosting on Go-daddy. Is it ok for promoting sweepstakes on mobile or its to slow and i need upgrade.

    please help me who understand on that

    this is a test that i have done but i don't know what its says ;)

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2016
  18. Don Boyka

    Don Boyka Affiliate affiliate

    - you have to find low payout for your offer the hight payout the hard conversion its going to be so you have to begin with low payout i recommend to try SOI offer its easy to convert you can't make it if you begin with offer like that
    and for hosting you need vps, shared hosting its so slow especially godaddy if you really need shared hosting maybe arvixe his the best to begin with
    note : shared hosting he just goin to cost money save the money and buy vps its better
    after you upload you landing pages use this website to test them: GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
    its going to show you why the LP slow if the LP slow, and what the reason to you can make some modification to optimize the LP and make it fast and with that you can better CR

    tell you AM in network to give you the best offers this week and chose one with low payout and if SOI its better
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  19. yosef

    yosef Guest

    Thanks a lot Don Boyka your answer make me focusing like a laser!!!!

    I had some questions for understanding better what you mean:
    1. when you say low payout what the low limit and the high limit if i use pops traffic?

    2.I had entered to arvixe and everything make me feel confuse, which package of all the you advise me to take?

    thanks a lot Boyka
  20. Don Boyka

    Don Boyka Affiliate affiliate

    1 - i mean offer with payout from <= 0.30$ to 1.00$ or 1.50$

    2 - you still newbie like me you d'ont have much traffic yet so use PERSONAL CLASS its fine he has unlimited bandwitch and unlimited disk space and fast server believe me its fast better then hostgator in my opinion because i use theme all

    and this my gift to you :

    go her first : Web Hosting | Shared Hosting | Website Hosting by Arvixe
    its not referral huh,
    i chose linux server for you its always the best for hosting websites and after opening the page scroll down and apply this coupon "clue30"
    his going to give free domaine .com for lifetime and Discount 30%
    you going to pay 42$ for year ,

    i hope that you make some success in cpa
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  21. yosef

    yosef Guest

    Boyka last question...after your last post i start to look for VPS and find some that Taiwo recommended on ( 3 companies)
    all them want 40$ a month minimum, is there a different between what you recommend me to those product ?

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