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Ergo Seating - The best office chair

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Linda Buquet, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Anyone here have back problems?

    Even if you don't, those of us that sit on our duffs working online all day need to be careful of posture and ergonomics.

    I have scoliosis pretty bad and had the chiro do Xrays last week because my pain has gotten much worse. Turns out my scoliosis is much worse that it's been in the past. He made the analogy of your back being like a spring. When you sit with all your weight on your tailbone and spine straight up and down, all your weight pushes down from head to tail and compresses everything so if you have a curve it pushes it and make it worse.

    I've been working on office ergonomics all week. I made my work station so I can work sitting down or standing up. I worked standing up for years and really liked it. So now I plan to trade off sitting and standing. I also discovered a way to lay tilted way back in my chair and work almost laying down in a 0 gravity position. Really comfortable.

    Here's the ergo sit/stand chair and workstation I wanted.
    But I didn't think Santa would give it to me since it's 1400 bucks!

    Here's the one I REALLY want. WOW how cool is that!!!
    Its only 2300 but Santa said I REALLY wasn't THAT good this year!

    So for Christmas I just bought myself a new chair thats adjustable in almost every respect.
    Yep cheap Santa got me the cheap Office Depot one. (Grouchy old miser!) :p
    Just put it together and think its going to work out well.
    Adjustable everything. Not leather, I don't like leather furniture.

    Hows your chair? Got a new one? Whats your dream chair like???
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