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Email Marketing - The SOLID Business Model of ALL Time

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by prince_prince, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. prince_prince

    prince_prince Affiliate affiliate

    Struggling to make money online? It may be due to the fact, that you may not have A list!

    Which comes into play on email marketing! Email marketing (in my book) is the best way

    to make money online right now!

    Email marketing is when someone "opts-in" to your list, basically giving YOU permission

    to market:

    • Products
    • Services
    • Information
    • Brand Awareness

    To those people. What you are essentially doing with email marketing is building A LOYAL customer

    base of people who like and trust you that you can market to forever and ever until they

    decide that they want to unsubscribe (and yes you MUST give them that option)

    This business model is by far way better then the classic "hit and run affiliate marketing" method

    where you send visitors straight to A page in which they must take action, but what if they

    don't take action? You will have lost that visitor forever!

    Wasting your: time, money, energy and effort! Where as if you build A list, over time

    you will begin to establish A valuable relationship with your "client" base and be able

    to make sales time and time again!

    This is so much better then just throwing money up at the wall and seeing what sticks!

    Yes email marketing may take more time to build up in the long run, then hit and run

    affiliate marketing does (short term cash).

    But if you want to take internet marketing and making money online A serious thing, then you

    MUST look into long term wealth, rather then short term money and build upon A lasting

    empire that works day in and day out for you!
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