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Email is a method of mass marketing

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by stanleyrene1234, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. stanleyrene1234

    stanleyrene1234 Affiliate affiliate

    Email marketing is very cheap and the return on investment is excellent. It is the best direct marketing channel and brings much better than direct marketing material being printed results. Email marketing is also cheaper than the printed materials required postage to be sent. Email marketing can be tracked. The success of this technique can be judged based on the number of clicks that the website receives. Email marketing can focus on advertising campaigns or in anuncions one-on-one. You can send newsletters masses or target specific users. Email marketing software is data driven and helps build relationships and loyal readers. You can include coupons, downloads, records and information about your business that generates interest and repeat customers. More than half of Internet users access their email accounts and are to check or send mail on an average day. A registration form can be placed on your site so that users can subscribe to newsletters and other information you can send. The email marketing leads to sales conversions and allows owners of websites to market to Internet speed.

    Email marketing can help companies increase sales and generate an excellent return on investment. Using the Internet helps companies to reach a large number of potential customers. Knowing how to avoid the pitfalls enables companies to take full advantage of what the email marketing has to offer. Visit: awebdesk.
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  3. Anu

    Anu Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful article and yeah email is good marketing as the investment is low plus return is high but it is bit slow
  4. NiteshPundhir

    NiteshPundhir Affiliate affiliate

    I think if you are going for cheap marketing, then Email marketing is best.
  5. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    I think email marketing is also very reliable. You are able to reach people from around the globe. You aren't limited to just one demographic because you can reach people even miles and miles away from you. It doesn't cost much even if you purchase an email marketing service. There are lots of free software to use and even the paid ones aren't that expensive.
  6. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    The other great thing about email marketing is this: depending on how good your call to action is you could get your subscribers buying something you are promoting instantly even though they weren't planning to. Traditional marketing methods allow someone to think about something first before and they may decide not to buy whatever it is you are selling. This is why email marketing can make someone more money because you'll get impulse buyers to purchase what you are selling and you might still get those who take longer time to decide to take action . . .
  7. Ninja Marketer11

    Ninja Marketer11 Affiliate affiliate

    Still people love to open and read their emails and they also love get the update and share information via emails. Although social media captured the chatting platform but there are also have the vital impact on email marketing.
  8. Mark Steve

    Mark Steve Affiliate affiliate

    Email Marketing is also an effective way to generate business leads.
  9. nikhiljoseph

    nikhiljoseph Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, sending bulk mails using a software or a google. Develops to follow your customer.
    But if you use a software integrated with google it maintains all your contacts and send it to customers in a click. It saves time and manage your business efficiently.
  10. ciaran071198

    ciaran071198 Affiliate affiliate

    Mass emails are an excellent way of attracting clients. An online sales business with a website for example could benefit greatly as they can ship anywhere in the world and that allows for more people to buy from them. It is good for maintaining interest aswell if you regularly email subscribed members of your website, keeping your service in their head constantly.
  11. davidper

    davidper Affiliate affiliate

    I understand the importance of email marketing so I'm trying to give yourself a list from it
  12. pwarbi

    pwarbi Affiliate affiliate

    There's no doubt that email is a cheap form of marketing but I'm not 100% sure how effective it actually is, if not done right.

    If you buy a list of email addresses and send out a mass email, then most of them if not all will drop straight in to the various spam boxes, never to be read or seen again. Even if a few of them do get through, I know that if I receive an email off a company I've never done business with before then I automatically think it's spam and the end result is the same, it gets deleted.

    While it might take a little longer, I'd tend to suggest concentrating on emailing the clients you've already dealt with first. At least that way you know that they will read them, and if you copy a please share this email link into it, they can then pick and choose who they want to share your email or site with.
  13. all3web

    all3web Affiliate affiliate

    No pain no gain, to invest in email marketing you need to invest time to get details, if you hire man power then they regularly send bulk emails to the targeted link, you need to respond them still they may nit take your deal. You need to keep lots of efforts with out losing patience. Or else you want to send emails by automatic server then it will be little expensive. You parallel better go online in social media sites instead of these unpredictable and time wasting dong.