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Effectiveness of Facebook Pages

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by RomanAnthonysMama, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. RomanAnthonysMama

    RomanAnthonysMama Affiliate affiliate

    For those of you who have your own Facebook Pages in order to promote your blogs and other products and/or services, do you feel as though it's a good way to generate leads? I remember I made a page promoting a product I was marketing at the time, but the promotion time compared to the results were just not adding up. It was tiring, so I felt like I had to move onto another social network for building traffic. Have you used Facebook pages to promote anything? Did you generate enough traffic that was worth keeping it up?
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  3. Barry.Lejieg

    Barry.Lejieg Affiliate affiliate

    I don't really know for what kind of leads are you talking about? Sale leads or CPA leads? I have tried CPA leads with many huge fan pages and it's really hard to earn from them. However this depends on the quality of the offer, and the demographics of your fans.
    I find it especially possible to sell fashion goods in Facebook. If you have a lot of female fans that may be a good option.
  4. mikong

    mikong Affiliate affiliate

    It is an unarguable fact that social media sites has indeed become one of the most strategic avenue to promote your product. This sites allow you to promote your product without any charges, and business minded people see it as an avenue to promote their products without any unnecessary costs. So instead of paying someone to advertise your product you can use that certain amount to a higher extent by diverting it to production cost and then advertising your product using social media sites. In economics, you are simply putting a higher value to the social media by creating an avenue to advertise thus, improving your sales and maximizing your production.
  5. Viktori

    Viktori Affiliate affiliate

    You might be better off finding a site that is more along the lines of your niche. I think it works for some people wherein Facebook is the actual place that fits their niche, but it should also work in a general sense as well if you spend enough time on it. Don't expect the account to build up in the short term, and if you think it can work, and build a plan and follow through, you could make use of FB's wide audience, given enough time and effort.
  6. caparica007

    caparica007 Affiliate affiliate

    My FB page has 600 followers. It's a tennis website, so I use it daily to advertise the games we make in that site (we have our own ranking), the upcoming tournaments and other events we support or want to share. I think it's certainly worth to keep up, mostly it's just sharing on FB the news you posted on the site, and it operates pretty much as a forum, people go comment the news and we get a dynamic going on.
  7. kcareconnections

    kcareconnections Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook has not brought in a ton of clients or work for me. But it has brought some. It is not high on my list of effective marketing and promotion. I do know that some people make Facebook an important part of their marketing plan.
  8. Mayvin

    Mayvin Affiliate affiliate

    I was thinking of doing the same thing to promote some ebooks and click bank products. I have heard it has been effective for some people so I think I'll give it a shot and just see what happens. It's free advertising and that is always good.
  9. OniBlackMage

    OniBlackMage Affiliate affiliate

    Facebook, for me anyway, was used a communication loop and promotion hub mainly for the clients and people I was already reaching out to on other sites and locations. That is, I grew it and let it grow on its own with the network I was building via other sites. These sites need to be the special interest ones where your target market expects that kind of promotion and traffic. Facebook is somewhat general, but don't forget to reach out to the interest group circles in the Facebook network as well, if you can. The dagger dance with Facebook is they are very vague about where to draw the line on marketing vs spamming.
  10. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    To me, it seems like you will need to be a lot more open and social to grab many leads because people do not usually visit or stay on boring pages that have stayed the same for a long time on these networks. You will want to get engaging discussions going, perhaps even "bribe" viewers to an extent with contests, freebies, and giveaways. It is bit of a gamble if you are not good at sparking conversation or are not comfortable with letting other random people into your life or seem as if you genuinely care about their questions, comments, and concerns, but it will have to be done if you wish to go far on Facebook. I feel that if people get to know you on this sort of personal level, they will be more willing to buy things as per your recommendations.

    On the other hand, with Twitter you need only tweet interesting things and make sure that it's retweeted to garner more followers, and it is a simple matter to get at least a small percentage of your followers to purchase something or fill out an offer. To each their own, I suppose.