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EBay alternatives when Buying and Selling online

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by josh87, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. josh87

    josh87 Affiliate affiliate

    One of the most well known ways to make money online is by buying and selling products. This is one of the most well know ways of making money wherever you are selling things in fact as it is basically what any business is based on. However, when you are selling online, you will struggle a little more in some cases that you would in the real world as you will need to actually get people to look at what you are selling. This is quite hard unless you are an SEO expert so usually, we use websites like EBay. However, the selling fees on this website are extraordinarily high but there are some great alternatives. One of the alternatives to EBay that is out there is the eBid website. This works on a similar model to EBay and in fact, it is one of the biggest online auction websites aside from EBay out there. The great thing about this website is that it is going to cost you a lot less to actually put your items on the website and it will also cost you a lot less when you actually sell one. The reason for this is that listing something on the website is completely free of charge. As well as this, the amount that you will have to pay when you actually sell your item is much less too. If you wish, you can pay the price of ?49.99 and then you will have absolutely no final value fees ever. [​IMG] Another alternative to EBay that many people forget is Play.com. This is a great website for selling your own things as you will be able to list almost anything you like. The website also processes the payments for you and allows you to keep most of the profit. Plus, the people that visit the website are generally willing to spend more than on EBay these days which might work to your advantage. You can sell things that are both new and used on this website and you might be surprised at the outcome and response that you get if you have the right product at the right price.
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