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Earn Money Blogging


Bloggers are always asking me ... How can I earn an income from blogging?

Here's on solution for you....

Okay my blogging friend, right up front, I'm going to tell you that I'm sharing this opportunity with you so <strong>you and I can earn some extra cash</strong> for the holiday season.

I'd appreciate it if you'd enter my email address into the <strong>Who Referred You</strong> box on the sign-up form: <strong>1wildwolf AT</strong>

Of course the AT=@ ... we don't want me to get any more spam to my email than I already do.

There's a business that pays you for blogging ... writing 50-200 word blogs about different businesses typically.

It's easy enough to do too. Just go sign up for an account <a href=""><strong>HERE</strong></a>. The first page asks you some basic questions, and the second page is where you get to help me out by entering my email address into the <strong>Who Referred You</strong> box on the sign-up form: <strong>1wildwolf AT</strong>

Once you submit your account info, they send you an email. Verify your email address and you're on your way to earning income.

Second step is to login and sign-up your blog.

If you're like me and you have several blogs, pick the one that is the most generic and most geared towards business topics.

At first, I entered one of my entertainment blogs and then discovered they had no entertainment writing opportunities. So, I had to delete it and go back and use one of my more general topic blogs. Learn from my mistake and go general to start with.

Also, if you have one blog that's got a higher PR than your others, might want to go with that one. Several of the advertisers will only pay on higher PR blogs.

Step two and a half ... wait for your blog to be approved.

They only allow one blog for now because the business is fairly new and still in beta. Eventually more blogs can be entered to give you more earning opportunities. So, go with your strongest blog first.

After you get your blog approved, you can choose from their huge list of writing opportunities. It's that easy!

And, merchants ... hello! It's an awesome way to advertise your business and get backlinks!!!

Merchants, you too need to create an account and remember to help me out by entering my email address into the <strong>Who Referred You</strong> box on the sign-up form.

Now, go sign up for an account at <a href=""><strong>Pay Per Post</strong></a> and tell 'em <strong>1wildwolf AT</strong> sent you! :)


Any blogger can apply to have their blog be a part of the program, but keep in mind they're looking for active blogs ... which you can do by posting frequently ... and blogs which people will see ... which yours could because of where it's hosted ... and what niche does it serve, which like I said above ... the niches tend to be more business oriented and not so much entertainment.

You won't know until you try!

And, even if you don't get picked up right away ... keep on blogging and you will eventually. If you have traffic to you blog or are listed in blog directories, etc. ... that's what these advertisers are looking for ... eyeballs and backlinks!


Well even when you get a blog up and running, you still need traffic to make money, how do you suggest the BEST way to get traffic quick to start making money...and what if your blog isnt like a normal blog ( i guess) :confused:
meaning check out mine in my sig to see what I mean


One of the quickest ways to get track is to purchase it. You can setup AdWords, Overture, and MSN AdCenter campaigns. This route is not recommended unless you know what you're doing and feel comfortable in these mediums. Other ways to purchase traffic is through advertising on other highly trafficked websites/blogs.

Another way to gain traffic is through community participation. Visit other weblogs, leave comments, join conversations, post in forums (like you're doing). Make sure to leave comments and posts that make people want to know more about you and see what else you write about.

To build up backlinks for SEO and garner readers, consider tagging your blog entries for maximum impact and exposure.

Hope that sparks some ideas for you. :)

~ Teli