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Download video flash

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by Finlay, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Finlay

    Finlay Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,
    I have found a site from which I would like to download some children's educational movies and I think they are on flash format.
    You can reach the movies by this link:
    http ://w ww.ild.rai.it/mainpage.swf?IDSerie=96
    I know there are program that let you register what is shown on the screen but I would'n like to use the pc during the registration and, assumed that there are 21 episodes and I use the pc for work....I would prefer to download them directly.
    I have already tried whit some software like Flash, FlashFavorite, Flash Saver, HiDownload, Keepvid, Orbit Downloader, Realplayer, Sothink SWF quicker and SWF Decompyler, VLC.
    I have tried too with firefox's plugins like dowint.NET, Downloadhelper, Fast Video Download, Ook? Video Ook!, UnPlug or by Tools > Page Info > Media Tab but I obtained poor results: the best I obtained was to download the swf file in flash but nothing about the video.
    Anyone of you has an idea about downloading these videos?
    Thank you

    You have never see gift like these! (regali on italian medicina forum)
  2. newbidder
  3. shirley1874

    shirley1874 Affiliate affiliate

    Have you tried this:
    Open the source file of the web page thru your web browser, find the embedding code for the .swf file, then the URL of the .swf file might be right in the embedding code, and you might get the .swf with some downloading tools thru its URL.
  4. Finlay

    Finlay Affiliate affiliate

    i go to try
    meanwhile thanks
  5. adfwopportunity

    adfwopportunity Affiliate affiliate


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