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Don't even bother earning money online before reading...

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by tedheywood, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. tedheywood

    tedheywood Affiliate affiliate


    I appreciated the response from my previous post – CLICK HERE. Please keep it up folks. I’ve decided to write something this week as well.

    This is the second installment of my Internet Marketing guides, tips and tricks. Last week I talked about starting out in the Internet Marketing community and how you can begin your journey absolutely for FREE.

    If you want to catch up on the previous article you can click HERE.

    This week I want to switch it up a little bit. Instead of discussing actual techniques I want to talk about the principles behind building a successful business.

    Everyone want a quick fix, the magic pill, while ignoring long term values they need to succeed in this world.

    - Have a business partner.

    I strongly believe that it is virtually impossible to create a WORKING business alone. Sure, you can make an average website, run some Facebook campaigns, and even create some cool video products. But there is a difference between an ok sales funnel and a GREAT sales funnel.

    There are so many things to have to keep track of. You have small things like the consistency of fonts, content of the copy, color schemes of your sites & newsletters. Not to mention the operational stuff like CRM, auto responders, database management, etc. And if this is not enough you have the big picture stuff like who is your audience, product avatar, customer avatar, headline that appeals to a particular market segment, marketing strategies for each respective market segment (web, direct mail, billboards). The list goes on.

    This does not even include all the emotional stress and self-doubt that comes with creating something new from scratch.

    Business is a complicated mechanism. Like a wrist watch, it has a lot of moving gears and each gear is unique in size and in number of teeth. Some watches are fancy. They have the calendar, tachometer, stopwatch, and the regular watch. Each feature is working due to 10’s if not 100’s of little gears working in unison. And yet most people are unaware of just how complicated the mechanisms is and just buy the watch for the aesthetic appeal. (Poetic isn’t it?)

    In fact, if your sales funnel works correctly, your customer should be oblivious to the methods you use to make your business work, same way most people are unaware what is inside their wrist watch.

    If you believe that you are that smart enough and cunning enough to pull it off alone, Go ahead! I encourage you to try and even succeed. And I hope you do. But reality of human existence is that there is only 24 hours in a day and you can only do so much before feeling overwhelmed.

    But when there is at least two of you, life is much easier. Just like Jim Rohn used to say “If two or three agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible.”

    This brings me to the 2nd principle.

    2nd PRINCIPLE - Synergy

    When to two people are able to come together there is electricity on the air. It is not something that can be really described in words. Napoleon Hill called it “The third brain”. In fact this applies to any human relationship between two people, even marriage.

    It is an equation that look something like this: 1+1=3. Where the sum of the parts is greater than the parts themselves.

    Synergy is a skill you can learn it but some are more predisposed to it than others. Essentially synergy is about building on each others strengths and down playing the weaknesses. In my case, I’m not the best salesman. I think I’m good but not great. Of course there is room for improvement and if I have to make calls or go door to door, I suck it up and go.

    My partner on the other head is way better. So when it comes to making an important sale who do you think is dialing the phone? My partner, of course!

    However, I am better at finding who to call and creating the selling proposition that my partner then can use and make a great sale. For the perfectionists in the room, I get it. It sucks not to be the best at EVERYTHING. But I think, at some moment, every person has to make a decision about the things they are good at and the things they are not so good at.

    If you are not good at something, give it to your business partner or better yet, outsource the god damn thing. In the 21st century you can virtually do anything at a click of a button. You can hire some dude in India who can make you a beautiful SEO optimized website in a week. You can hire a professional writer to write 1000 word article for $10.

    Check out:

    Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services

    Upwork - Hire Freelancers & Get Freelance Jobs Online

    Even Steve Jobs had a partner. Even though he was an engineer in his own right, it was Steve Wozniak who came up with the first Macintosh.

    But Wozniak needed Jobs for the marketing aspect and to make those sales and present the product. They had this beautiful complementary partnership that made them multi-millionaires in about 5 years.

    3rd PRINCIPLE – Switching Gears.

    I think that every smart business person has to have a healthy level of mistrust for their business partner. Allow me to explain.

    You can’t control what others are thinking, what others are doing, etc. You cannot control life. The actions of other people are NOT in your control. Therefore, if something happens to your business partner and he/she no longer wishes to be part of the “mechanism” you CANNOT let that break down the whole mechanism.

    So how this mistrust manifests itself? In the above mentioned example I said that I am not a great salesperson. Yet, I find time to sell regardless. Now, why do you think I do that? Shouldn’t I simply focus on skills I am great at and forget the whole self-improvement thing?

    Well, this is where most people make a HUGE mistake. Say my partner leaves, then what? I’m essentially FUCKED, because if no one is dialing those numbers we don’t get any leads, and therefore we don’t get any sales. No sales, no money. And my stomach is a bitch, it constantly wants to eat.

    So I am forcing myself to become proficient at some skills to keep the mechanism ticking. Even though I am aware that I may never outsell my business partner I still have to better myself in that area.

    In fact, I am currently doing door to door sales of my private tutoring business – Math Tutoring NYC

    About 2 months ago we launched our affiliate program and it’s a killer, let me tell you. We offer something that no one does in the business. WE actually offer concrete guarantees and we if do not fulfill them the client gets ALL money back.

    Our certified tutors are praised by a number of local colleges and high schools.

    It is an awesome opportunity for affiliates because they can earn up to $600 with just ONE sale. It’s crazy. We are located in New York City so there are a lot of people willing to pay for our services. Affiliates have an easy job selling because we provide them with actual steps to promote the services.

    You can become part of our physical sales force that sells nose to nose, toes to toes, in the living room while the kid is running around the living room OR you can create your own niche site and place our banners that convert like crazy.

    The cool thing is we still have few spots left for the affiliate sales force and if you are interested in promoting a quality product with a money back guarantee which offers up to $600 per sale then you can go here:

    Math Tutoring NYC | Affiliate Login

    and submit a quick application which will take 2 minutes to fill out. If your application is approved you can begin selling literally in minutes.

    If you liked this post and if you found it helpful then please comment, like, subscribe (If that is even possible here) all that good stuff. There is a lot more stuff I want to talk about and perhaps I will create a weekly column just for AffiliateFix, if I see responses and comments.

    All around the world,

    Ted H.
  2. terraleads
  3. Sage

    Sage Affiliate affiliate

    Great post, love the advice and knowledge sharing!

    So is your business partner Petr Borovykh of Brooklyn or is that you?
  4. kennedy nganga

    kennedy nganga Affiliate affiliate

  5. kennedy nganga

    kennedy nganga Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Ted. Im used2 brick n mortar biz yet u turn techie biz2b just that. Cheers. If u dont mind,would you b willing2PM me abt yr affiliate prog
  6. kennedy nganga

    kennedy nganga Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Ted. Im used2 brick n mortar biz yet u turn techie biz2b just that. Cheers. If u dont mind,would you b willing2PM me abt yr affiliate prog
  7. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    nice post... it can also be called as the essence of successful money making. though.. I believe that a written and "marked final" kind of business plan is also one of the most important things to keep yourself on track. Fix each and everything, from investment to the timeline. Once, finalizing a plan be honest with and avoid supplementation. Earning money through marketing is a great thing, but losing your already earned money due to bad planning cannot be justified as well. Play safe and try to be conservative initially.. innovation is good but don't forget to learn from the mistakes of others.
  8. kennedy nganga

    kennedy nganga Affiliate affiliate

  9. kennedy nganga

    kennedy nganga Affiliate affiliate

    ....sounds like one who's been there,done that. Im coming also,i feel im in good company

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