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Domain names niche site for sale

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Midwest, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Midwest

    Midwest Affiliate affiliate

    About a month ago I've finished working at a niche website - Domain Names 101 | Home - and I was about to start promoting it. But because I've been caught up with some heavy work at the university where I study and the summer exams session started, I had very little time to do any kind of promotion, so my little site is now collecting some "digital dust".

    I would like to start working on it again, but the truth is I have other projects in my mind: I want to start a new blog and I'm already creating another niche site, so the domain names site is kinda out of the game. Therefore, I'm looking to sell it to someone who has more time than I do in taking care of it ( and who also wanna make some cash ).

    Now, I'm not going to ask for ridiculous amounts of cash for this site, because:

    1. It is hosted at 110mb.com ( a free, but reliable webhosting company - I was planning to move it to a paid host once the ball was starting to roll, but as I've said, this never happened )
    2. It received extremely low traffic since I've created it ( around 100 visitors, or so, according to my Histats counter )

    What exactly I'll give you:

    1. The login credentials to my 110mb.com account
    2. The domain name ( I'll push it to your NameCheap account, if you have one. If not, will work a way of transferring it to your hosting company )
    3. The files of the website that I have them saved on my computer's hard drive.

    If you're interested to buy it, make me an offer and if I consider it fair, you'll get the site. Thanks!
  2. terraleads
  3. MrProper

    MrProper Affiliate affiliate

    what price you are asking for the site?
  4. moon-light

    moon-light Affiliate affiliate


    domain hosting reseller? I need help
  5. creighsakaura

    creighsakaura Affiliate affiliate

    please specify exact price.

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