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Does your Host Make you Want to Scream?

Linda Buquet

I've been pulling my hair out all day.
I don't know how you affiliates deal with managing 100 sites.

I only have a handful and use 2 top rated hosting companies and its just one things after another. Site down, then database error, then forum up but blog down, then everything down.

Now a reseller account I have with a different host one of my domains redirects to a "This Account Has Been Suspended Page." It makes it look like I didnt pay the bill the way the error reads."Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible." Billing was not the issue at all.

Is not a big site but says it was suspended for "CPU usage 1,45% MEM 16,55%" which doesn't even make sense. It shows I'm only using 54% OF bandwidth. The support guy I keep getting on the phone is clueless and support ticket is not being answered.

I want to scream!
Thanks for letting me vent!


Linda I know what you mean. Having a flaky host is extrememly frustrating. I've only had 1 significant outage with my guys, NEXCESS.NET. No network is perfect but these guys bend over backwards and answer support questions in mere minutes. Not the cheapest though.

Linda Buquet

Turns out the reason my site was suspended WITHOUT notice or warning and has been down for almost 12 hours....

Is because of ONE image. My site gets very little traffic but is a directory so I guess the image that people put on thier site that says "rate my site" must be on some high traffic sites and pulling that image is putting too much load on the server. So they just suspended the site. THANKFULLY Larwee saw it and told me or who knows when I would have found out.

FYI this is MIDPHASE one of the biggest hosting companies out there.
They used to have a really good rep but lately it's going downhill and
I think they are overselling. Even with my site offline the server I'm on is still in the RED warning zone due to too high of a server load.

Unfortunately affiliate marketing buzz, one of my more important sites is on that server too, so I hope it doesnt go down too. Need to find 2 new hosts this weekend and move all my sites. What a PITA.


Need to find 2 new hosts this weekend and move all my sites. What a PITA.

Oh goodness do I feel your pain! My largest site used to be on a host like this and the first year or two it seemed fine, but several months before I moved it the thing went down 3 times in as many months and not just for an hour or two, but for a day -- one time 3 days! Then I lose out on substantial revenue.

I was so spitten' mad I went into their forum and asked why it was THEIR SITE NEVER WENT DOWN!?! Then I said, "Don't you think some of us have sites equally as important as YOURS"???

I know glitches and "things happen" on computers, but that was just getting outrageous and just as your host, Linda, I think they, too are over selling. I finally made the move after that 3rd down time but that can be a hassle, too so good luck -- hope it goes smoothly for you!


I must be very lucky.

Knock on wood, but I've never had a really big hosting problem. Can't remember the last small problem I had either.

I have top notch tech support from one host and the other, Hostgator, has never even given me reason to contact support.


How is the new host Linda?
I presume is the one you switched to?

I'm looking for a solid webhost myself and i can't make up my mind, suggestions are very welcome.

It's a new site, expected to grow bigger (as we all do ;) ) in a pretty relative short period of time, 6 months or so.
So in the beginning to start paying for a really elaborate set up isn't viable, who knows the site may not become as big as expected but i do want a host who can set me up with better arrangements when required.


Linda Buquet

Well RWH was the 1st one I mentioned having problems with. I tried to switch, got a host that was even worse so stayed with RWH and they put me on a new dedicated server and it's been solid since then.

MidPhase is where I had the reseller accounts. They shut down 4 times without warning and without notice. Would not tell me why then lied to me 4 times about it. Turns out the only thing that was wrong is they were trying to force me to upgrade. They LIED, held my site hostage by taking it offline to FORCE me to buy a VPS. Then they spammed me 2 emails a day for 2 weeks AFTER the site was down and AFTER I had moved to a new host - with a fake email address and false email headers, telling me my site was exceeding bandwidth and I needed to upgrade. How could it exceed bandwidth if the site was down due to being suspended and not even on their server?

ARGHHHHH I gotta stop talking about it. Still fuming. Gotta start the day positive. :p

So I moved my reseller accounts to RWH too. The great thing about them is that I can get Joey the owner on the phone any time and they are really good and fast about support. He set up a new VPS for me and moved all 5 sites in less than a day.


Thanks for the insightful post Linda, didn't want to remind you of the crap you had to go through though ;)

Have a good one! :cool:


New Member
I had a few ugggs back in the 90s to early 2001 on shared servers, then I got my own dedicated server in April 2001 and have used that host ever since, with very little down time. Heck, this year, my sites have been down less than DigitalPoint has been down :eek:. (Some of you may know they've had a few *long* crashes over the last month!!)

This year my server went six months with out having to be re-booted. For support, if the server goes down and you can't re-boot it, you can make a support ticket and they re-boot it with in a few minutes.


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host probs

Well my site was down for 4 hours yesterday. But it wasnt due to "server connection issues". They did updates on home page of my site and it didn't load correctly for a while. They fixed it thankfully.

Check em out Spiderhost . They do a lot of work here in FL.

Captain Tycoon

I feel like blowing my host's server up. I have moved to 3 different hosts within 2 weeks just because of the stupid downtimes! I have to move again :(