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does SEO person do good work?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by smeagain, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. smeagain

    smeagain Distinguished Member affiliate

    I just looked at their web site and I think you are out of luck whether or not they do good work:
    The fact that they have reached 100% capacity must mean something though.
  2. newbidder
  3. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis Affiliate affiliate

    ^ well that sounds really bad for you George. But don't worry you can
    still look for other seo, there are lots of outsourcing company there
    who can help you with your site. If you want a source, you can
    try looking at them here at ukwebmasterworld and on other
    webmaster forums.
  4. seo.pro

    seo.pro Affiliate affiliate

    About Our SEO Service :

    This service is great for new sites AND old ones. If you are looking for high quality backlinks, higher PR (On next update), higher link popularity, and better search engine rankings to increase your traffic...then this service can help you. This is basically a one stop shop that can save you hours of promoting/advertising and money.

    Features of the Service ;

    1000's of HIGH QUALITY 1 way links to your website
    Free human written content used to submit with your link to bring targeted traffic
    Your link popularity will increase
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    Get indexed in less than 24 hours on Google!
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    Search Engine friendly technique that won't get you banned or unindexed
    Before & After Report + Undeniable Proof of work
    100% Money Back Guarantee if for any reason I cannot deliver the service to you.

    The Cost : here is the crazy part

    You will get all this done for " $ 197 " only , I wanted to keep it free but can't since there will be alot of work, time and effort invovled.

    Any request after that would be for $ 700 or more.

    I have some high PR sites in real estate niche , send me a PM if you are interested

    Send me PM for more details if interested

  5. jithuden

    jithuden Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah definitely they will help you or check this site seowebsitetraffic.com
  6. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy Affiliate affiliate

    SEO is a tricky one. The good SEO's are real busy, the poor ones will cold call you and spam the hell out of forums etc.

    Real estate is tricky, not easy and not cheap.
  7. colinuk

    colinuk Affiliate affiliate

    the best way is to appoint seo guy & let him work under you, this way you can watch him, his or her work & result every time
  8. cheekyman

    cheekyman Affiliate affiliate

    Hi There, :D
    Do your own 100% success?
    After creating websites for a number of years!
    I have found three main factors to be considered:
    Image Alt Tags

    The Title shows up in the search engine as the main heading of the searched topic.
    Then the Description below should have keywords inserted relating to the main Title.
    Image Alt Tags should always be filled in for Image Banks/Searches your website will show up with the image location.

    PDF’s: It’s the Title of the PDF that’s shown in Google, on the search page it might come under another heading.
    Forums are the same: It’s the Title of the thread that appears in the search.
    The tab in the browser shows the Title to each page!
    The way to check is to view the source of the page and you’ll find the Title again relates to the search.
    Regarding keywords: I have never found a search especially in Google based on keywords alone! The keywords appear in the Title every time.
    (I read years ago that Google disregards Meta Keywords and have always found this to be true)
    The “Title & Description” must be inserted into every page relating to the contents of that particular page.

    If you would like "Even" more great webmaster information
    I have an info website with the "BEST" website builder on the internet.
    (In my opinion)
    I'm afraid you'll have to send me a PM as I cannot post links BUMMER!!
    (SEE BELOW) :applause:

    You'll be amazed!!

    Cheekyman (Frank)
    frank at websitex5 dot info ;)
  9. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy Affiliate affiliate

    Cheekyman, title description and alt image attributes will not scratch the surface of a real estate site (sorry). It might be ok for 'red widgets in sometown', but real estate is competitive.
  10. IBW Solutions

    IBW Solutions Affiliate affiliate

    Hi OldWelshGuy, I see you on the UKBF over the last couple of yrs.

    Regarding Real Estate SEO, i find the same with travel SEO, it comes a bit slower than other businesses that we work on. Having said that, if we do a job for a new client and we haven't worked in that line of work before then we do research the business before hand, way before we start on the initial changes to the site.


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