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Does Domain Email Good For Inbox Reach

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Make Money Online, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Make Money Online

    Make Money Online Affiliate affiliate

    Alright, I am using getresponse autoresponder for email marketing. Right now I am using Gmail to send the email and open rates are 4+. If I'll use domain email. Like contact@domain-name.com then it would be better of not? I am on IM niche.
  2. terraleads
  3. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I have been using the domain email for close to 3 years now and I can says that the rewards have always been great. One thing you have to know is the domain email gives total branding to the company your are using to offer goods and services. It give the validation and authenticity of the information being passed across. Anyone can open a gmail account but not everyone can open a domain related email. It s something that you need to give a try, it works out very well btw.
  4. Ron E. Fletcher

    Ron E. Fletcher Affiliate affiliate

    As you are using GetResponse you can contact with customer support and check your domain and emails as well as your ISP to ensure 100% whitelist or not. But as @Dr. Forum said it build branding and helps to get you more clicks.

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