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Does anyone know any software that really works?


Hi there,
I'm not quite a newbie in the affiliate marketing. But I'm just earning a bit from affiliate marketing. The purpose for me to join in this forums is that. Does anyone knows any program or software that really works? That I can blast and submit my affiliate program that I'm promoting? That can save me time and money to submite my ads? That also works?

Would appreciate if anyone could revert...

Cheers....Have a nice day!!

Hisham Sam

Linda Buquet

Hi Sam786,

Welcome to 5 Star. You'll find lots of good advice in the stickies in the newbie forum. Specific programs really depend on the niche you pick and what your vistors would be interested in. Check those threads and niche forum to get some ideas then you can ask more specific questions down in the newbie forum.

Linda Buquet

at 1st I thought you were asking whats the best affiliate program to promote.
In reading this again it seems you MAY be asking about software for promotion.

"That I can blast and submit my affiliate program that I'm promoting?"

??? You mean you are the merchant, have your own program you are trying to promote?
OR you are an affiliate and want to promote the affiliate offer??? :confused:


Hi Sam,

Are you the merchant or the marketer?

There are a lot of software (both free and paid) out in the market, all for various purposes.

For complete marketing solution, I would recommend Web Automation Center. You can get email autoresponder, affiliate program manager, mailing list manager, rss autoresponder, ad tracker, membership manager, support center manager all with one price. A great tool for both the merchant and marketer.