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Do you think there are aliens?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by wasi90lk, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. wasi90lk

    wasi90lk Affiliate affiliate

    I believe in aliens and I think they are visiting us for thousands of years.

    I also believe in those alien abduction theories.

    What about you?
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  3. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    The universe is so vast and gargantuan, there is plenty we do not know about it or possibly ever will. This may well be due in part of the fact that the universe is ever-expanding, so how can we ever hope to explore all there is and ever will be? As far as aliens are concerned, I don't doubt they exist. After all, life on earth exists, so why not life on other planets somewhere in the universe? It doesn't have to be intelligent life, but I think it is almost guaranteed to be other forms of life out there.

    However, while I do believe other forms of life exist outside of Earth, such things as "alien abductions" and more intelligent life is very, very, very far-fetched, and the odds for it would have to be 1 in the number of stars there are in the universe. It's just easier to say that it's virtually impossible.
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  4. Oakster

    Oakster Affiliate affiliate

    Of course there are aliens, there are billions of planets and millions of galaxies, to believe that only our planet is capable of having intelligent life is highly self centered and narrowminded.
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  5. caparica007

    caparica007 Affiliate affiliate

    No doubt about there are intelligent life forms outside Earth. If we were not such a warlike species I'm sure they would engage communication with us and share their knowledge.

    That's what I believe in.
  6. Zerum

    Zerum Affiliate affiliate

    I'm pretty sure there are aliens. They don't necessarily have to be intelligent though, they could be animals or even small organisms. There was a theory that the water from earth came from a meteor that is carrying it as it collides with our planet. I'm pretty sure if that was true, then I'm sure that it wasn't and will not be the only meteor carrying water. If you're wondering why I'm talking about it, it's because water means life.
  7. TheDerpMan

    TheDerpMan Affiliate affiliate

    Life in an ever expanding universe will exist somewhere. If life managed begin and survive on our little blue rock, what stops it from beginning on another planet? But intelligent life is the scary one. If there is intelligent life forms out in our universe, what stops them from coming to our planet and taking everything? Are we ready to come in contact with intelligent life? Or should we even contact intelligent life? If I remember correctly, Stephen Hawking once said that if intelligent life were to contact us, we shouldn't respond. History has shown that the group with better technology will be able to overtake those who are unprepared.
  8. jaydepp

    jaydepp Affiliate affiliate

    I feel like this universe is way too vast for us to be the only living things on it, you know? There has to be someone or something else, however I'm honestly too frightened to find out for myself.
  9. darling

    darling Affiliate affiliate

    Absolutely, and people are afraid to believe, and even belittle the ones that do, because it's not the status quo. I have a brain and I don't follow everything the mass believes, and the evidence couldn't be more in our faces, people are too afraid to look.

    I think aliens are mysterious, and way more complex of an idea to really comprehend.

    I believe.

    I've seen shadow people since I was young, and experienced strange things when I was 3. I also have seen UFOs my whole life.

    You can believe in aliens if you're religious - religion and the idea of extraterrestrials are not exclusive.

    I'm excited by the idea of a being or entity that has more intelligence and power than us, it shows us our potential.

    I believe in them because I do research, and I believe I've witnessed alien technology in the sky.

    I think they could be fourth dimensional beings or future beings studying their past (they're us from the future).

    Hitler was actually obsessed with aliens and that's why he wanted everyone to be blonde hair blue eyed, because the aliens people see most other than the greys are tall, blonde hair, blue eyed. So Hitler wanted us to embody their image, he was obsessed, and some think he reverse engineered a time travel alien ship.

    Aliens play a huge part in our history, and we don't even know it.
  10. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    I believe in aliens. Even as we're talking about this there maybe creatures from another world wondering the same..."Are there aliens, do you think?" To them we are the aliens. :D
    How conceited can we be to think that earth is the only orb in the limitless universe to have life on it? Anyone who thinks that way is a kid who wants all the attention! Science has only about crossed the threshold into the universe, there are so many crazy things like black holes, worm holes, supernovas, and goodness knows what else. How presumptuous of us to think we know it all. I haven't heard about invasions and abductions but I'm open to any knowledge of them.
  11. Kristy

    Kristy Affiliate affiliate

    I think there is life out there. I just don't see why the Earth would be the only planet in the entire universe with life. That would be a huge waste of space (literally). But I don't think they've ever found us or been here and unfortunately, I think it's possible that we may never find them either. The universe is just so big there could be tons of life out there that will never know about the other life forms on other planets.
  12. penny101

    penny101 Affiliate affiliate

    As far as l am concerned anything is possible as stated above, l hope we never get to meet those aliens because the truth is they are more advanced than us which means destroy the weaker one and the weaker one is us!
  13. bauss

    bauss Affiliate affiliate

    Yes I believe there is life on other planets. They're still discovering new species on earth.
  14. cefmac

    cefmac Affiliate affiliate

    I think there are, although I don't like the term "aliens". That makes it sound as if they're the stereotypical little green men who fly around in UFOs and want to abduct us. That's clearly not what they're like, and it seems stupid that we have a stereotype for something we've never even witnessed. There must be life forms on other planets though - it would be narrow-minded to believe that Earth is the only planet which supports life. The likelihood of there being other life forms is very high, and it's not just an opinion, it's what is most scientifically feasible.
  15. Dahlia02

    Dahlia02 Affiliate affiliate

    This size of this universe is beyond comprehension. So many galaxies, so many planets, and truth be told, there could easily be something else beyond this universe. The idea that there is only life on Earth isn't logical to me. They may not look or communicate like us, but I fully believe there are living beings on other planets.

    (sidenote: but if any of them happen to look like Superman and they want to make their way to Earth, they can gladly crash at my place. Just saying, lol.)
  16. Jellyfish

    Jellyfish Affiliate affiliate

    The universe is so big, it is most unlikely that there are no other living beings. But is' another question what kind of life this is.
  17. Bluesky1

    Bluesky1 Affiliate affiliate

    I believe that there are aliens, that is people living in another planet.

    However, I am not entirely sure whether they have managed to travel to earth yet and visit us, but it is highly possible.
  18. ChristinaCa

    ChristinaCa Affiliate affiliate

    I don't Believe in aliens.