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Do Affiliate Staff effect your network decision?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by K, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Do Affiliate Staff effect your network decision?

    Many of us go throughout our business online day to day without any assistance, but alot of us are in contact with Network staff on a daily basis. The big question is does the way they support you in your marketing techniques effect your choice of network?

    From newbies to experienced CPA personnel, we all at some point will contact an affiliate manager for many reasons, such as

    • Assistence setting up a gateway
    • Issues with network approvals
    • Advice on offer selection
    • Payment problems
    • Marketing tips

    and so much more, but does the level of support truly effect your decision to promote their network?

    From personal experience all i can answer is YES.

    Looking back over my last few years of CPA marketing, i can safely say that network staff have had a huge input on my network choice!

    For example if i am signing up for a new network, and through pure ignorance do not fully understand how the gateway set up works, i will contact my affiliate manager on IM. Now if i explain to them that i wish to test their network and require assistance setting up a campaign, if they respond with "Ok sure thing let me talk you through it" then i am already sucked into the network and the positive vibes! However if they respond with "i am very busy, please work it out for yourself" then i will assume i am not a valid member of their network and choose another option!

    Likewise if i'm advertising online with a certain network and i have earned sufficient funds to receive a payment, yet there is a problem with the payment and i contact my affiliate manager and/or payment staff then there is no way i would use them again if i have had payments on time and decent support on another network!

    Again speaking on a personal note - i must say i have found some amazing staff on my short career as an affiliate marketer and to name a few - Madison from CPALead has ALWAYS been quick to help with any issue i have, likewise Dan from BLAM Ads has been amazing at helping me get the best out of my campaign!

    To wrap it up i guess i want to say thanks to the staff who actually put the time in to really help us publishers because i really do feel it make a HUGE feature on where we choose to make our money - all i can say is if the staff dont seem like they can be bothered with the publisher, then the publisher wont be bothered with the network!

    Feel free to share your stories and points of view...i'm very interested to hear from publishers and network staff.
  2. Voluum
  3. Emvee

    Emvee Affiliate affiliate

    Good network staff can make a world of difference, to publishers and networks alike. Right from approving the right publishers to promoting advertisers' offers including giving a few tips to publishers, an AM plays a crucial role. Helping advertisers by aggressively promoting their offers through affiliates is another important task that only an AM can accomplish.

    I can give the example of Luke form Peerfly. He has a blog which actually shows how to set up a campaign on 7search!. Not just that look at the amount of information he pens down on his blog - each post is a goldmine for publishers. I am sure Peerfly's advertisers must have seen an increase in their sales with so much effort being put in by Luke and his colleagues at Peerfly. The only thing left is for an AM to sit next to the publisher and set up the campaign for him! I mean, come on there is so much information that Luke has given out on his blog, so much presence that he has built up that it is impossible for anyone to miss Peerfly or not succeed with Peerfly offers.

    If 10% of the AMs have the same kind of Outlook that Luke has I can vouch that the CPA business will grow by leaps and bounds. Newbies will start earning in 4 digit figures every month and advertisers will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Unfortunately that is not so. Some(or most?) AMs just don't respond. Don't want to get personal but I can show you an example of a message on one of my threads where I have clearly written for help to an AM, in response to his 'contribution' on my thread, also tried to contact him through various means but nada...no response at all. I use several networks and successfully promote their offers, but I cannot use this person's network just because I just do not have access to him or his network.

    So, YES, network staff does affect network decision!
  4. Hridita mehzabin

    Hridita mehzabin Affiliate affiliate

    Nice and informative share.Hope it will helpful for me.Thanks....