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Difference of Sales Manager vs Affiliate Marketing Manager

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by roc.ph, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. roc.ph

    roc.ph Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hello AffiliateFix,

    I have been silence for past weeks due to very busy schedule. But, I really missed this forum.

    I would love to know affiliate marketer( and mostly Affiliate Managers) for their opinion about difference on Sales (Direct Sales) Manager vs. Affiliate Marketing Manager.

    As my opinion(Please correct me if I'm wrong or missing), That is a huge difference:
    Sales or Direct Sales Manager will only do Acquisition of number of target sales. I mean, they will just like a Sales Representative or Real Estate Agent to pitch and do from talking until buying.

    Affiliate Marketing Manager will do full affiliate program management which includes:
    • Affiliate Recruitment
    • Affiliate Support
    • and many more
    But, Affiliates will do their own strategy to to gain more conversion or sales.

    Looking forward for your opinion.
  2. newbidder
  3. Michael Tauber

    Michael Tauber Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi Ron,

    An affiliate manager is in charge of only recruiting affiliates and then after the affiliate manager has recruited a affiliate, they will work with the affiliate to receive the best possible traffic.

    A sales manager will recruit affiliates/publishers/advertisers and more, anything the company needs. Once the sales manager has recruited them, they will integrate the affiliate and help them with setting up. After this has happened the sales manager will then assign an affiliate manager/account manager to work with the affiliate or advertiser to receive the best possible traffic.

    Hope this helped :)
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  4. shi chan

    shi chan Affiliate affiliate

    thank u!

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