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“Adsterra”/  “CPA, in house vs. CJ.


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I'm finally giving the program a try, I just registered a domain name for this. Something tells me it converts real well and can generate a lot of earnings, with so many people not having dental insurance.

Is there anything different between using CJ, and there in house version?

Linda Buquet

Hi Ninno,

Good call on DentalPlans. Great converting program. Quite a few differences between the 2 programs. I'll ask Evan the director to come and asnwer your Q. But off the top of my head some differences are: in house includes a 2nd tier I think, inhouse could pay a little more, inhouse banners and cookies wont get blocked like some CJ ads do. CJ big bene is consolidated payment if you promote other programs there. I have had some affiliates try both and some say they do better at CJ and other say inhouse is the way to go.

Evan will have much more info. Hang on and I'll get him over here.


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Hey Nintendo,

I'm not Evan, but I am an affiliate manager over here at

Linda spelled out the differences pretty well. Obviously if you decide to come in-house we'll be here to help answer any questions you might have and we're pretty darn helpful.

If you do decide to go in-house i can also hook you up with our redirect codes to halp enhance the site you create. Also, we can custom make any type of creative you might want to use to fit your site.

Let me know, we're here to help.


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Thanks. I'll sign-up there once the name servers got the new domain working. I'm using a template that CJ lists, and I'll probably try using both CJ and in-house to see what converts the best.

We also offer a full 365-day cookie.

We pay most direct affiliates on a net-14 pay schedule.

We also have a long keyword list and can be used to market us in the search engines and pay-per-clicks.

Looks like a few more pluses to the in-house program.


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Thanks. The massivly huge 900,000 keyword combinations list is the only thing I can think of needing, and I E-mailed one of the E-mail addresses listed there so I should have it soon, and I just registered on your message boards. The Keyword list will help big time, with both PPC, and web page.


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Thanks. :D

I do the best with programs that both offer a template, and make it easy to have a lot of pages. DP has both. The massivly huge 900,000 keyword combinations list covers the pages.

I made a script that I can use that can easily optimize any keyword combination with the keywords any where in the page, and in the URL looking like static .html pages using mod_rewrite, instead of having to have a static html file for every single set of keywords!

With the huge number of keywords, I'll probably make atleast a few different sites, each covering something different, main keywords, city and state, and so on. :D


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LOL!! I've just made it even easier. Today I made a different script that creates the links. For example, if you enter

dental care
dental care network
dental care partner OREGON

in a form box, then press submit, they all come out as complete links ready to put up on a site map page, each keyword combonation linking to it's own SEO Optimized page using the other script. :D Plus it has the caps stuff fixed. Those keywords would show up as...

Dental Care
Dental Care Network
Dental Care Partner Oregon

linking like...

<A HREF="Dental-Care-Partner-Oregon.html">Dental Care Partner Oregon</a>

making there be hardly any work required to make the pages and links. :D

I'm filling a little guilty now, like it's black-hat, because it's so easy to make the pages and links. Total web space needed to make thousands of pages? A tiny little 7K plus the 17 templates that DP provides. :D

Next I'll get Health News Digest reviews off the DP site that Ken says we can use, so all the pages have content. On the optimized pages I'll have a description about a random article with a link to the article, to help off-set the dreaded duplicate content curse. :D

Now, if only I had started promoting the program...a few years ago. :D It's a 5 star program, BIG time!!!

Linda Buquet

Wow Ninno, sounds like you have the process down to a science.
It's a 5 star program, BIG time!!!
Once you get this site finished I have some more great 5 Star programs for you.
Just let me know what market you want to tackle next. :p


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I think I should be banned from entering contests. I just won $100 in there March contest!!! And this is before I even got my sites finished, so I havn't even generated any sales...yet. :D:D:D