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Data feed what is it and how to impliment


Sorry have a stupid newbie question. My sites depend on images. I put them on either one by one or using golden can or share a sales page builder. That is background ... my question is just what is a data feed and when I have got one how do I impliment it on my sites? Is it like golden can? Do I need alot of technical no how to use? I tried the search and found data feeds but not what it does or how to use.:eek: My head hurts...

Linda Buquet

The program most affiliates use to process raw datafeeds is Webmerge.
BUT you don't even need to get that techy. Lots of tools out there to help you use datafeeds with no programming. The IPC from PartnerCentric found on my site, DatafeedFile, Popshops and man others. Many individual merchants offer similar solutions so just ask.