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Create UNLIMITED content for your business with 1 simple trick

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by tedheywood, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. tedheywood

    tedheywood Affiliate affiliate

    Hey A Philly ate Fix,

    I want to thank the people that have been supporting me on this forum your likes, comments, pms, have been instrumental in keeping me on point in terms of publishing weekly articles. Please keep it up. If you like to read my previous articles you can check them out:

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    I want to start with something really simple – Attention Span. All content is relative. There is really no new content unless you are into string theory and are actually trying to figure out something new. For the purposes of making video products, newsletters, and internet marketing products in general all content is repeatable.

    In preparation for this article I typed in “people’s attention span” in Google search and to my utter most surprise the top three search queries were “Our attention span is now less than that of a goldfish”. If you read one of those articles you learn that human attention span drops from 12 seconds in year 2000 to as little as 8 seconds in 2015. Ain’t that a bitch!

    Please do not take this as pessimistic but we are turning into a ClickBait society where it is EXTREMELY hard to gain people’s attention for ANYTHING let alone sell some $9.99 product.

    The amazing thing is that you can use this glitch in human consciousness to your advantage. If fact, what I am about to show is used and even misused by some of the top people in our community.

    And the BEST and most reliable way to take advantage of this phenomenon is by serializing your content.

    Precise definition of ‘Serialized Content’ is repetition of the same idea or concept presented through different method or media. In a nutshell you must explain the BIG IDEA in multiple ways before the person can actually internalize the idea.

    The rationale behind using serializing your content is this. Most people DO NOT learn something the first time they hear it. I repeat. Most people DO NOT learn something the first time they hear it. So it is important for people to hear the same idea multiple times before they can actually go and apply in the real world. This is why if you are on a mission to create content (video, audio, copy) that actually solves people’s needs, it is to their benefit that you keep repeating the same idea.

    So what am I talking about here? Let me demonstrate with an example. Let us imagine that we are in the fitness/dieting industry. And if you boil the whole industry down there is really only one problem people have when it comes to buying a product or a service from that category. That problem is “I am fat and I can’t get up” (hopefully, some of you will get the reference to the life alert commercial). The top two solutions for that problem are:

    1. Proper nutrition

    2. Proper exercise

    People pay $100’s and sometimes $1000’s of dollars to learn that to avoid being a fat shit, you have to watch what you eat and you have to maintain a certain level of physical activity on the daily basis. That’s it!

    An untrained eye would agree with me 100% and this where most people stop their content production. They might write an article for proper nutrition and an article for proper exercise and this is where the creative juices stop flowing and they abandon the category. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE. Sit down. Get a pencil and a piece of paper and think a bit more.

    How would you expand those two concepts and serialize them? The method that works for me everytime I make a new product is by asking: What? When? Where? Why? How?

    I start by creating a list in MS Word or actually writing down:

    1. Proper nutrition
    a. What Proper nutrition
    b. When Proper nutrition?
    c. Where Proper nutrition?
    d. Why Proper nutrition?
    e. How Proper nutrition?
    2. Proper exercise

    Each of the a-e can become its own article. These 5 questions become the crude article titles. For example, “What Proper nutrition?” can evolve to “Top 5 must have foods to shed weight fast.

    You can even zero in more on the topic but adding a positive and a negative. For example, “Top 5 must have foods to shed weight fast” can have the negative counterpart “Top 5 foods to avoid at all cost”. Immediately you double the content and you list becomes:

    1. Proper nutrition
    a. What Proper nutrition?
    i. What yes Proper nutrition?
    ii. What no Proper nutrition?
    b. When Proper nutrition?
    i. When yes Proper nutrition?
    ii. When no Proper nutrition?
    c. Where Proper nutrition?
    i. Where yes Proper nutrition?
    ii. Where no Proper nutrition?
    d. Why Proper nutrition?
    i. Why yes Proper nutrition?
    ii. Why no Proper nutrition?
    e. How Proper nutrition?
    i. How yes Proper nutrition?
    ii. How no Proper nutrition?
    2. Proper exercise

    There are way more things you can do further break down the list and create more topics but you can get really crazy by just using these two. For example, for “What yes Proper nutrition?” you can have fruits, vegetables, non-processed foods, condiments. And for each of these you can ask: What? When? Where? Why? How?

    So for fruits you can have topics like:

    1. What - “Top 10 fruits to speed up metabolism”
    2. When – “Best time to enjoy a fruit snack”
    3. Where – “Top 10 places to buy organic fruits”
    4. Why – “Top 6 reasons why monthly fruit fast is a must”
    5. How – “How to turn raw fruits into delicious deserts your kids will love”

    Some of these may not be A material but some of these titles you can find in published sources if you do a simple Google search. Why? Because the pros use these techniques to segment their content too! And I only covered fruits. Don’t forget that you also have vegetable, non-processed foods and condiments.

    This is so simple and easy to implement that I know of top performing "GURUS" in our community maintaining their whole mailing list by applying these 2 simple tricks.

    What I gave you here is relatively easy to implement. In fact, if you have been in your niche for at least a year you can easily fill in the blanks and serialize your own content with the techniques I’ve shared with you here.

    And if you paid close attention you can actually see how I used the principle of serialized content to talk about serialized content.

    1. I started talking about serialized content with a personal story of doing a Google search.
    2. I then went on to tell you the actual definition of the term - serialized content.
    3. Later, I walked you through the hypothetical application of this idea in the fitness/dieting markets.

    So I included 3 different methods to describe the one single idea. Truth to be told, each one of these methods could have been expanded into its own 1000 word article or 5-10 minute video or even a podcast topic. I could have sited all the books I read to learn about this idea, all the sites that teach you to serialize content, etc. I simply decided to scratch the surface here for the sake of saving you the time reading.

    This stuff is so powerful that I’ve used this very same principle to populate whole blog at my current business – Math tutoring NYC.

    You can check out the blog - Research - Math Tutoring NYC. In fact, these articles are so credible that they were cited by some of the top schools in New York City. Muy buen for SEO. With only 23 months of work and zero money down Google is already recognizing us.

    We launched the business about 3 months ago and with that we launched our own affiliate program and it’s a killer, let me tell you. We offer something that no one does in the business. WE actually offer concrete guarantees and we if do not fulfill them the client gets ALL money back.

    Our certified tutors are praised by a number of local colleges and high schools.

    It is an awesome opportunity for affiliates because they can earn up to $600 with just ONE sale. It’s crazy. We are located in New York City so there are a lot of people willing to pay for our services. Affiliates have an easy job selling because we provide them with actual steps to promote the services.

    You can become part of our physical sales force that sells nose to nose, toes to toes, in the living room while the kid is running around the living room OR you can create your own niche site and place our banners that convert like crazy.

    We teach you how to sell, where to sell, when to sell, ect. The cool thing is we still have few spots left for the affiliate sales force and if you are interested in promoting a quality product with a money back guarantee which offers up to $600 per sale then you can go here:

    Math Tutoring NYC | Affiliate Login

    and submit a quick application which will take 2 minutes to fill out. If your application is approved you can begin selling literally in minutes.

    If you liked this post and if you found it helpful then please comment, like, subscribe (If that is even possible here) all that good stuff. There is a lot more stuff I want to talk about and perhaps I will create a weekly column just for AffiliateFix, if I see responses and comments.

    All around the world,

    Ted H.
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    Some nce tips bro. Too bad your site is down :(

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