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create new b2b sweepstakes campaign-need help


hello everybody,

I m new to this industry, trying to build my own sweepstakes offer targeting US market.
basically the business rules should be like this:
1. Website (build front end website including the legal administration)
2. System to send and receive leads / tracking(back end system)
3. Contracts
4. Prospect deals on other sites
5. Reach out to buyers
6. As soon as you have enough offers setup, start driving traffic

Can anyone help me write a detailed guidance to build the campaign step by step from 0 to 1, make the campaign functional and able to generate leads?


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Credibility will be your #1 issue with any sweepstakes in the B2B market.
Business people are very wary of any 'sweepstakes' money offer -- most are skeptical and many are cynical.

So who are you, who is your business -- what are you offering?
Start with that ...

Your ulterior motives will be examined very closely in the professional B2B market.

I know this personally as having managed a 10.000,00 € contest for a product introduction for a reputable well established B2B business' affiliate program -- it was a miserable failure for those very reasons.
Plus it required a work effort to be entered <<<Apparently, people do not want to work for a chance to win 1,000's. o_O

Good luck, we spent 10K+a few thousand advertising in the B2B Market+a lot of time (time is money) with a marginal branding return. I think the contest's transparency was a major issue and I said so in the beginning -- a fair contest appearance was a very big factor in the FAIL! IMO.
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Traffic Manager
Everything that Graybeard is correct, you want to maintain an offer that as an actual winner. Otherwise, it's complete Freud, if no one wins then it's nothing.


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I just got this in my email
*emailspy* :D

Subject:Barry, How do you like Listware? Give us the scoop and win an Amazon Fire Tablet!

Love Listware? Have some improvements in mind? Give us your feedback[/URL] and receive 1,000 free company credits, plus a chance to win an Amazon Fire Tablet! Take our [URL=']quick survey[/URL] now – it’s that simple.*

Questions? Email (subject: Listware Contest).

* Every survey participant is eligible for 1,000 free credits, plus an entry into our drawing for an Amazon Fire Tablet. One lucky winner will be chosen on April 2, 2019.

However this is a known business!

I made an inquiry last week about purchasing some data services from them .. so I am on the list (get new customers list IDK) ;)