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CPA offers and FACEBOOK ! Help plz

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by ouellabi29, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. ouellabi29

    ouellabi29 Affiliate affiliate

    i am new CPA marketer and i am trying to use facebook to promote this offers, i have some qst to ask :

    - i am Gonna use iframing to promote CPA offers because i dont know how to make my own landing page, is that work !
    - witch type of offers you advice me to promote on facebook !!
    - witch type of FB ADS i should use !! website conversions or clicks to website !! and what about OCPM !

    PLZ Help me with that or give me some guide to start with . i am completely newbie.:confused:
  2. terraleads
  3. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    Let's see if I can help you!

    1. It depends. You should check with your affiliate manager if the advertiser allows this practice. Facebook doesn't really like this, but I don't think your account will get banned just because of this, unless you run an offer that they don't approve. However, I strongly recommend you to learn more about landing pages or use a tool like OptimizePress to build your landing pages. Most offers have general pages and if you don't do the proper pre-selling your conversion rate will be low.

    2. Start with free lead generation offers that are 100% free for the end-user. Focus on offers with a simple process and that convert on a 1st or 2nd page submit. SOI is usually better than DOI (DOI = Double Opt-IN, offer that requires email confirmation) and long forms will almost always kill your EPC. Go easy niches as well such as gaming, heatlh, beauty, fitness, etc.

    3. Usually, you should go with Click to Website for the objective. And I suggest you to use CPC for ads promoting CPA offers.

    I hope it helps!

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