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CPA Journey to +ve ROI - dealing with wild traffic Zeropark

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by MinionBanana, May 19, 2016.

  1. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    I m inspired by an email by Charles Ngo titled "How to Pull More Profit From Your Existing Campaigns" on 9th May. Below two sentences hit me and make me rethink.

    Here's the mistake most affiliates make - they don't scale their first profitable campaigns to the fullest.

    I know you're eager to build an empire.
    You wanna "diversify" and build a portfolio of campaigns.
    But I know I have to "master" one thing first.
    You have to focus before you can dominate.

    The above makes me pause and re-look at my portfolio and I pick one profitable campaign and test it out with zeropark RON pops. It is a cost per install offer. Tracking with CPVLab.
    For a start, I set some rules to optimize and probably can revisit this rules again after getting the campaign profitable. Every target with 500 imprs and no conversions, I will pause. Check several times per day to optimize to prevent single target taking up too much of the budget. Starting my bid at 0.0001 and slowly increasing it to 0.0005.


    At the end of day 4, I am face with a problem, it's really time consuming for every single time I check, I need to copy the target and check against my stats in CPVLab to see if there's any conversions. Take at a look at the below pic:

    There's easily 70-80 targets per page and 24430 pages.
    I thought I can't do this and certainly there's a better way to do this and so I paused the campaign. Meanwhile, I attended the Charles Ngo Affcelerator FastTrack Newbie course and attended an affiliates networking session, spoken with a few super affiliates. The next day, I thought I would make the switch to Voluum and so I did for the past 2 weeks, I familiar myself with Voluum and setup it up nicely. During this time, Zeropark introduced the source token which will comes in handy and I will talk on that later on.

    Fast forward and now I can restart the campaign again with conversions automatically tracked in Zeropark, saving me the mundatory work to copy and paste and check against every target. Now I can just see and pause in zeropark platform.


    One source can have very little targets or millions of targets, so I reckon if I pause one target too earlier, I might effectively killing off potential profitable targets without giving it a good run of tests but then again I admit the fact that I have to look at it and pause it at some point in time. So at end of Day 12, I decide to take a look at it.


    I saw one source with $200 spent and no single conversions and so I decide to pause it and continue the rest.


    I thought pausing the one bad source does the trick but then again on Day 14, it goes back to red region and day 14 is still ongoing and it is a live stats.
    Now I am at a dilemna, should I continue with this compaign, really quite many traffic and targets in zeropark. How best or what set of rules I can follow to optimize this.

    Any recommendations and suggestions are most welcome.
    Any form of help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
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  2. newbidder
  3. zeropark

    zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    This is a great article and you are right on track to build profitable campaigns.

    What we recommend:
    • Stronger source blocking
      You shouldn’t be afraid to be more proactive with your {source} blocking, by narrowing down the sources to the ones that are truly effective. Do not be afraid to block sources that have a few conversions, you will sacrifice a few good targets, but this will make your optimization easier in the long run.

    • Granular target optimisation
      After you have the sources narrowed down you should start concentrating on the targets. Of course, block any ones that you see performing badly but also bid up on high converting ID’s as there is always more traffic available for a higher bid, even past bid position 1.

    BTW. Thanks for using Zeropark and Voluum, glad to hear that the Source Data feature was useful. If we can provide you any more help please let us know - you can reach us on Twitter (@Zeroparkcom).
  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    It is indeed a great article that needs my time. I am also that one person who has aimed at getting an empire for myself in a few years to come in relation to affiliate marketing. I therefore find the article very resourceful. I will do exactly what I do with good posts, find tine in the evening and just go through it over a cu of coffee as I digest the great thoughts of this guy.
  5. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Nice Subject I Never Used Zeropark as a traffic Source I think it worth a try
  6. Denny Santoso

    Denny Santoso Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting, but how do you set up your postback in your offer so the conversion appear in your Zeropark? I tried that but still fail.
  7. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    @Denny Santoso I have a global postback in my network and zeropark is integrated into Voluum so everything is track automatically.

    @Dr. Forum Thank you.

    @tyoussef You should try it out. Rem test test test!

    @zeropark Thank you. I have since restarted the campaign and having spent $1000 on testing on the campaign now. I went to review the source ids and pause all sources with no conversions at all and have spent at least $10. This will narrow down the targets and you are right although I might potentially sacrifice few potential profitable targets but it will make the optimization phase easier and aim to make this campaign profitable first, I might re-look at those "early-pause" sources after I have turn this +ve.
    The $1000 is just my personal threshold at this point of time, if you got budget it can jolly well meant $2000 or $3000 for you guys depending on which stage of AM career are you at.

    I will post the updates for day 15 and so one shortly.

    Thanks all!
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  8. danielhoward

    danielhoward Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    hello can you inbox me your id skype?
  9. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    an update to the campaign:

    On day 17, the offer got pull by the advertiser and so is my campaign.
    Now the new search begins (actually new search is concurrently happening everyday when I am running this offer).
    Just that this follow along will come to a pause. That happens. move on...
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