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CPA Infinity guide to YouTube marketing ;) (repost from WF)

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by CPA Infinity Dave, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. CPA Infinity Dave

    CPA Infinity Dave Affiliate affiliate

    Note: I've been asked to post this here (by one of your members :) )

    (new-intermediate publishers)
    While my post count is fresh I am not new to these forums and especially not to CPA marketing. In this article I will post a simple method that brings in a steady income daily using nothing more than YouTube, camstudio, a basic video editing software (even windows movie maker) and fiverr. (and your preferred CPA network)

    In order to keep your attention I will be using an example as a tutorial. This method is quite easy and can be replicated an infinite number of times. The way to approach this is as with any website start up. Look for a specific niche and/or high volume keywords that you would like to rank for. While ranking high volume keywords for fresh sites is super difficult these days, it's not the case for ranking a YouTube video (under the same keyword)

    So here is a step by step on how I would approach this venture:

    1. Research keywords 1st, find something worth chasing (at least 20K + monthly) and make sure to enter they keyword into Google yourself to see if there any video results on page one. The best thing to hope for is NOT to see a video in the results but nothing is lost if you see one.

    2. Find a relevant offer to the keyword. I used to do mostly gaming related offers as they converted quite well. But in this example we will use a popular vacation spot “bora bora vacation” which will also be our keyword. This keyword is actually a perfect match, there are no YouTube videos on page one and it gets almost 4k searches monthly (a little low for my taste but the amount of effort needed to try is minimal, so why not)

    3. Download camstudio or camtasia, which ever your prefer. Camstudio is free and it works quite well.

    4. Pick your offer. In this case we will assume (and for the articles sake) that you have a specific “Win a trip to Bora Bora” CPA offer.

    5. Open the offer in your browser (preferably through your networks “Preview Offer” option so you don't get flagged for filling out your own offers) and start filling out the offer while recording every step you make. In this case our offer has a 2 page submit (email + address).

    6. Download relevant images, in this case pictures of Bora Bora.

    7. Open up your Video editor and try to create a short video photo montage. This is where a little creativity is needed. Start off with some images of the islands with descriptive text (or narration) during the slide show. “Want to get away?”, “You're just one step away from your dream vacation”... “Paradise is near” … etc... etc... After that you would want to include a brief info/notice that you are their ticket to paradise, all they have to do is visit YourSite.com and follow the following instructions (this is where you include your camstudio recording of the offer you filled out)

    8. Once you have it all done, upload to YouTube Keep it simple !! This is how I would do it:
    Title: Bora Bora Vacation
    Description: Bora Bora Vacation is a few steps away. Visit BoraBoraVacations.com (try to have the main keyword in the link you are promoting. It doesn't have to be a registered domain. It can be TinyURL.com/Bora-Bora-Vacations.
    Tags: (ONLY ONE TAG !) Bora Bora Vacations, (make sure to add the comma so the words don't get split up into 3 different tags.

    9. This is where Fiverr comes in and some of you might disagree on the following, but my experience shows me other wise. We will use forum backlink providers on fiverr (xrumer guys) to create anchor backlinks pointing straight to our video. Many people have disagreed with me on this in the past as they claim that backlinking a video does nothing as YouTube video urls are dynamic. I feel contradicted on this as I believe the same but my test results over the past 2 years have been nothing but positive. You can purchase 10,000 verified (and pinged) backlinks for only 5 dollars on fiverr, and believe me it's worth every penny. Out of each 10 videos I've tried I ranked 4-5 of them every time. Page one, top results. You can blast as much as you want, it's YouTube so you won't get sandboxed, you wont get deleted, you are simply another viral video in their system. So when purchasing your order (in this case) you would ask for keyword “bora bora vacation” and then the URL to your video.

    10. Make sure to post a positive comment or two from a external account and hit LIKE a few times. 2-3 times is enough... After that close voting and commenting. Many people don't like CPA offers and will ruin the video by posting negative comments.

    This is pretty much it. Rinse and repeat until you generate enough videos to make it worth your while. If you are crafty you can make 1 video a day. From my experience you will make anywhere from 5-30 dollars per video on keywords that have at least 20-30k searches monthly. While you will not be successful every time, I vouch on my keyboard that this system works.

    If any of you have questions feel free to ask. I am an affiliate manager for CPA Infinity and I provide free coaching for anyone who is willing to run with our network. We are new to the market and I am trying to help out newer members in their money making ventures. If you are interested in signing up Google us, sign up, mention this thread and that I have refereed and you will be accepted. Once in I will give you my personal e-mail and answer any questions you might have.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Sorry for the typos lol
  2. Golden Goose
  3. Reddevil

    Reddevil Affiliate affiliate

    Some really nice tips i might try this when i switch over my traffic to Youtube.
  4. haydenm92

    haydenm92 Affiliate affiliate

    From your experience are you talking 5-30 dollars per video per day or month?
    This sounds like a cool method! I'll definitely have to give this a try :)
  5. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for such a great post ! I wish I could press the THANKS button :D :D

    Indeed a really nice post and Hope you will post more strategies like this one ;)