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Coupons, Inc. Coupon Portal & Concordance

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by catkelly, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. catkelly

    catkelly Guest

    Spread Savings. Make Money.

    Offer your site visitors a printable coupon section with Coupons, Inc.'s consumer coupon portal and Concordance(tm) services, create additional ad inventory, increase traffic, and earn revenue!

    The consumer coupon portal is a snap to implement and we handle all hosting and management of coupon content, so adding coupons to your site is a turnkey operation (with or without the use of Concordance). Note, these are not online coupons, but are printable manufacturer coupons the consumer redeems at their favorite grocery store or wherever the products are sold.

    See how Thriftyfun.com is using Concordance to drive traffic to their coupon portal by visiting the following page http://thriftyfun.com/tf32862352.tip.html - look for the words highlighted in green with dotted underlines (Bake, Cookies, Eyes, Nose), hover your mouse over these keywords and see the relevant coupons available for printing. Clicking on a coupon link will take you to their consumer coupon portal. We have coupons in many different categories, which means Concordance can be used with various types of content. Visit our coupon portal at http://www.coupons.com and use the following demo login information.

    Login: [email protected]
    Pass: demo​

    The revenue earned through this program is based on coupon prints and surveys, 50% of Net Print revenue (3.5?/per print) and 50% of Net Survey revenue (17.5?/per survey).

    Signing up is simple by filling in the form here http://www.couponsinc.com/signup.asp. Shortly after you sign up we'll review your site and upon approval, we'll send you a welcome email containing your coupon portal link. We then give you the option to send us html from your sites header, footer and left nav for us to give your coupon portal the look and feel of your site. There is no cost associated.

    REFER PROGRAM: You can earn additional revenue by referring people to our affiliate program. When each person you refer earns their first $100 in commissions, we will pay you $100 for the referral.
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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    HI Cat,

    Thanks for sharing your program with us. I remember seeing the press release and thinking this was an interesting app. In fact I think I blogged about it. :)

    FYI the underline links don't show up in FireFox. Assume you know that already.
    Going to check things out in more detail and assume our members will too.
  4. catkelly

    catkelly Guest

    Hi Linda, I did see your blog, thank you so much!

    We're getting a great response to the program. I'll be sure to post any updates that we make to the program.