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Corinthian Colleges Affiliate Program Seeing GREAT Results


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Thank you to all our partners for helping to make the Corinthian Colleges launch a success. We wanted to give you a quick summary of overall results for the campaign thus far.

July was a great month. The average click to lead rate is 8.76%, with a high of 30.11%. For affiliates utilizing banner ads, the average click through rate was 2.5%.

The CDI Fast Forward banner had the highest click through rate at 21.28%, with the Everest Criminal Justice coming in second at 17.65%.

As an affiliate team, we would also recommend that you try the Anytime, Anywhere creative, along with the Couch creative. These are offered for FMU Online and Everest Online, which don’t require any geo-targeting, leading to more qualified leads.

We are constantly analyzing campaign results and working to improve our creative and form pages for our partners. If you are interested in joining our program or learning more, please click here: CCi Affiliate Program or email Jason or Brittany at affiliates AT schoolclick DOT net
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Linda Buquet

Congrats Brittany, you guys got off to a really strong start.
WOW! EXCELLENT conversion rates!

I'll be sure this info gets into the 5 Star newsletter that goes
out on Thursday too. I know some affiliates that are wanting to
find out how this program is going and I hope they get on board!


New Member
Great performing program!!

Here's one more incentive to give our program a shot!! :p


We encourage all affiliates to try out the criminal justice banner ad, which links to Career Profile: Criminal Justice | CSI - Everest College. This site is an award-winning interactive lead generation site, which engages the user by providing graphic pictures and games surrounding the criminal justice field. Leads are generated for Everest College, both their campus based and online divisions. Criminal Justice is a very popular program right now. Give it a try and see how much money you can make!!

Linda Buquet

REALLY catchy banner. I'm not even personally interested in that field
and it even made me want to click! Nice job and now I see why the conversions are so high.