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Cool FaceStats iPhone APP - Promote my app for 50% of earnings

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by xsotus, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. xsotus

    xsotus Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys

    I'm looking for skilled Affiliate Marketer experienced with Facebook Ads.

    I wrote app that show people their Facebook statistics, app has pretty nice Intercace and it's consistent with HIG. I have work on this app 6 months and it's really solid. I didn't use any ads and app has about 660 lanchues each day, people installed it and use all the time.
    You can find more about App on my landing page: facestatsapp.com
    App is translated to 8 languages: English, Polish, Spanish, French, Russian, German, German, Czech
    I have statistics of downloads from more than 100 people (statistics from Facebook SDK and Google Analytisc) and text that can be used in all of abowe languages on Landing Page, I know that you can get pretty cheap Ads on Facebook in some of this countries.

    I'm looking for experienced Affiliate Marketer, you will focus on promoting my App and I will focus on developing it. I think together we can earn good money and we will share 50/50 of net earnings.

  2. terraleads

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