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Converting Inactive Affiliates into Active Ones


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What I would like to discuss is the best known strategy that an affiliate manager can adopt in order to make their affiliates active. Of course the 80 / 20 rule exists that 80% of revenue is generated from 20% of your affiliates. And at usual time this has become a 95 / 5 rule in the affiliate marketing industry. Hence the state of paradise being a 100 / 100 rule that would results a 100% results from all your affiliates. I have researched and come to the conclusion that:

1. Filter your affiliates don?t let just anyone join as it invites spammers and inactive affiliates. Of course you can also filter them out afterwards if initially choose not do so.

2. Send them a postal letter for that all time personal touch with a welcome note some goody or a single $1 currency to convince them that you are not running a scam.

3. Educate them as per your industry as to me the best strategy is to have affiliates of the same industry sharing the same interests that can actually help ?Push? your product / service forward while creating a ?Pull? with their personal abilities.

4. Meet their technical requirements such as customized links banners and support

5. Pay them as soon as they reach their threshold

6. Make one on one customer relationships

7. Send periodical newsletters educating and informing them about changes and updates

8. And finally announce affiliate of the month, campaigns, e-coupons for motivating your affiliates and distinguishing between inactive normal and super affiliates.

Please comment and add to this topic

Linda Buquet

You make some good points.

Lets also take a look at why affiliates may be inactive to begin with.

<a href="">Top 7 Reasons Your Affiliates Could be Inactive - Don?t Expire Them</a>

Also insight from an affiliate who is also an affiliate manager
on why you should be careful not to alienate potentially good affiliates
with a BAD activation campaign.
<a href="">Booting Inactive Affiliates? Affiliate Activation Campaigns Gone Bad</a>

What other ideas or comments do people have?


I read a statistic recently:

95% of people who sign up for income opportunities never do anything.

Now if that's true, that's sad -- and it doesn't bode well for those of us who try so hard! It's also frustrating when those who sign up in your downline don't do anything afterwards, either.


I usually try to clear out the deadwood once a year. But, I try to send out an email to the affiliates, that lets them respond to stay active. But, I know how it is, I am a publisher too and some programs, I might only have a couple of sales, but I like the option to be there in case I do make the sale. So please do not dump me if I have been inactive for a time.


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One thing that can push affiliates in to performing is for them to be able to interact with their respective affiliate managers. This gives them a sense of security and credibility. It's a known fact that most of the people who sign up don't do anything afterwards. They are simply lured in to joining, attracted by the advertisements that they receive. But they're not even sure if these are scams or not. So, talking to them personally proves that your company and offers are legit.


I definitely agrre with you Blued! Adding a little bit of personal touch make them feel that you 'care'. As an affiliate manager myself, sometimes I even chat with them through instant messaging just to assist them and to show my genuine desire to help them. Another strategy that we found useful is by giving them simple freebies like probably a small token or a simple gift. This may not be too expensive and you can easily do this. You will be surprise with their reactions when they receive that presents!


As an affiliate myself, I will appreciate all the help I can. I wish for an affiliate support that is available 24/7! I'm kinda busy person and always work late.


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I fully agree with what octavian said. 24/7 support would be nice. I have joined a few programs and when I email them a simple question they never get back to me. If you want to keep an affiliate and make them more active, give good support.


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I agree with many of all the suggestions made in response to this topic. This is my fustration, working with a good affiliate, who can become a great affiliate, but due to a lack of response remains idle.

I don't know about any other affiliate managers, but I get a good publisher and I will do back flips to keep that client happy and producing. I want to work with someone who is hungry for big commissions.

For me the struggle is separating the men from the boys.


I'm a merchant and I email my affiliates. I just sent a Newsletter as a sort of "Reminder" why we are all here. Uploaded my featured products and uploaded more banners and text links.

I'd have to say, some affiliates really do sign up and don't do what they're supposed to be doing. I would gladly be of more assistance to each or any of which that would be more enthusiastic at the very least.

The tips mentioned above were very good and quite effective to some but sadly not to many. I'll definitely try them out, at least the ones I haven't done.;)

Anyway, I'm still here and sticking it out for that one good affiliate out there... or ten, that would be nice (sigh)