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Conversions by Industry & Important Stats

Linda Buquet

Very interesting conversion rate stats for merchants and affiliates organized by industry. These stats show that affiliates convert as well as email marketing and better than key word marketing. Fireclick shows important online marketing metrics such as conversion rates for first time visitors vs repeat visitors, cart abandonment rates, average # of page views per session and average session duration. These are great stats to know and to measure your own results against.

"The Fireclick Index provides an objective comparison of key metrics across a variety of segments. Compare the performance of your online business to the many successful industry leading web sites using Fireclick today!"

Fireclick Index

Blogged about this last night, then decided it would make a good topic for discussion. Check out all the info then come back here to share ideas or discuss it.


Sarah Prater

New Member
Specific Metrics for Affiliate Managers?

Linda - thanks very much for this post. The Fireclick site is just the thing I am looking for. I know that I need to track my affiliate program extensively and continuously - but I have never worked with metrics other than those provided in CJ.

Our company is set up with WebTrends and I am talking to the administrator here who handles everything WT. But, I need to know what metrics are most important when it comes to measuring the strength/health of an affiliate program and finding out what can be done to improve it...are there any that are a must for this industry in particular?

Thanks again!