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Conversion Tip - Ck this out before New Year

Linda Buquet

? Does Your BUY Button Suck? New Years Conversion Resolution

"This is a really great post for both merchants AND affiliates about the importance of buy button design, covering lots of things I would never have considered. Bet there are some gems in here for you too. Make a resolution now to take a critical look at YOUR buy buttons before Dec 31st 2005 and you just may be able to give your CTR, ROI and sales a nice new years boost."

Read the rest then come back to discuss it.


I wouldnt say I'm a fanatic about buy buttons...

but I too get miffed when I visit a site and I have to figure out what /where the buy buttons are...

ON my sites the buy buttons are not works of hi-fashion art but rather tasteful and clearly marked as buy buttons...

after all i want my visitors to click them...