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Content Lock Pro: Network Edition | The Content Locking Solution

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Brett_CLP, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Brett_CLP

    Brett_CLP Affiliate affiliate

    Do you own an Affiliate (CPA) Network?
    If so then Content Lock Pro: Network Version is for you!

    With Content Lock Pro Network Version you can almost instantly allow your affiliates to use Content Lock Pro for all suitable offers in your Affiliate Network, bumping up their (and therefore your network's) earnings bigtime! It is obviously up to you as the Network owner to select which offers you allow to be used in a Content Locker. This way you can only include offers that are Content Locking (Incent) Friendly to avoid any issues with your Advertisers.

    Why CLP Network Version?

    It's no secret that affiliates can generate a lot of traffic and revenue using Content Locking methods and any Affiliate Network out there knows that. However, many networks suggest their affiliates to use third party Content Locking tools, such as Content Lock Pro Single-User version, self-coded content lockers or other tools out there.

    Here's a quick list of benefits that Content Lock Pro Network Version provides, as opposed to other solutions:
    • You are in control (which offers they can promote)
    • You will get ALL of their traffic
    • Your affiliates (even beginners) benefit from top notch Content Locking system (which they could otherwise not afford / which increases conversions
    • CLP Network Version provides seamless integration, making your affiliates' lives much easier.
    • Full White Label Solution. Don't have to worry about "giving away" any of your traffic.
    HasOffers? DirectTrack? Cake? - One Size Fits All!

    Content Lock Pro Network version works with the vast majority of Affiliate Tracking Platforms out there and it's extremely easily integrateable.
    While there are already versions for most popular Tracking Platforms (such as DirectTrack, HasOffers and Cake), the flexibility of CLP means that we can easily (and for little to no additional cost for you) integrate it even with a 100% custom platform, as long as the platform supports thrid party API calls.


    Content Lock Pro Network Version provides you with the following features:
    • Nearly ALL features of the single-user licence, including Offer Rotation, Geo Targeting, Post Backs, Premium Templates and much more!
    • For your safety, we have removed features that affiliates can abuse, such as blanking the referrer (can be turned on and off by the network), and using offers from multiple networks (to be sure your affiliates stick with YOUR network)
    • As a Network owner, you can manually select which offers your affiliates can and can't use in conjunction with Content Lock Pro, as well as which of your affiliates can use Content Lock Pro!
    • Our Network Version is fully white label, meaning that there are NO references to Content Lock Pro, allowing you to promote it as a part of YOUR brand.
    • You have our dedicated Network Manager at your disposal for any questions you may have during the integration process.

    Custom Features

    We fully understand that different Affiliate Networks have different needs, and as such we are ready and willing to develop custom features, available only through YOUR Network and to YOUR affiliates, differentiating you from your competitors even further.
    Don't hesitate to speak to us about any feature needs you may have. As Content Lock Pro is designed to be a VERY flexible platform, more often than not new features take far less development time (and are therefore far less costly) than most people would anticipate.

    Have any additional questions?

    Get in touch with us!

    Interested? Simply get in touch with me by submitting a message to me by any of the following means:

    Skype: blucas_cpa
    aim: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]
    Tungle: http://www.tungle.me/brettlucas
  2. newbidder
  3. Brett_CLP

    Brett_CLP Affiliate affiliate

    Re: Content Lock Pro: Network Edition | The Content Locking Solu

    Sale Has Ended
  4. Brett_CLP

    Brett_CLP Affiliate affiliate

    Hello There CPA Fix Members!
    We've noticed it has been rather quiet over here since we introduced our product and sales pricing. We've filled up our slots for the initial sale. Now we normally could revert back to retail pricing- However that isn't our style! We're keeping the price at an all-time low!

    The great news is that we have decided to help network owners out with our no-haggle pricing scheme.

    If You Are Based On HasOffers/DirectTrack/CAKE:

    Your Pricing Is Just $2750

    If You Are Based On A Different Network Platform:

    Contact Us To Make Sure We Can Work Together
    We Use 3rd Party API Calls To Integrate Tracking, But Are Able To Custom Code As Well!
    Due To The Nature of Custom Installs We Will Ensure Compatibility Prior To Giving You A One-Time Ultra-Affordable Price!


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