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Confusion about 007CPA

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by legitnick42, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. legitnick42

    legitnick42 Affiliate affiliate

    They claim to be offshore and they claim that they can't be touched by the FTC, IRS,etc.
    Here's the quote:

    "007 CPA is the only fully offshore CPA network on the planet, thereby extending massive benefits and bulletproof securities onto the publishers and advertisers. Our office, servers and banking are established in the worlds most secure offshore financial and commercial centre.
    This positions us as the only network in the world that can fully avoid any and all hassles placed on other networks by countless organizations such as the FTC, the IRS, FINCEN, and the long reach of unlawful bodies of law such as the USA Patriot Act and The CAN-SPAM Act. In a sentence, all countries and their laws have no authority and no jurisdiction, on anything, personal and business, structural and financial."

    If they're offshore and can protect us, why doesn't everybody start running rebills and penny offers off of them, or can they not protect us? Before I go and pay a lawyer to ask him this(Because I know nothing about law), I figured I would ask you guys.
  2. Voluum
  3. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Nick,

    Fair enough question, generally speaking. However, where you went with it presumes some things that are not accurate. No big deal. We can sort that out right now.

    I always want to answer these types of questions quickly, but it's simply impossible; so, bear with the first part as it lays the foundation for the reality of 007 (i.e. the answer).

    It's leading because you've gone right at the assumption that we "protect unethical/illegal behaviour"... which is the incorrect presumption and makes it therefore inaccurate/irrelevant. Now, I truly don't mean to be condescending, short or aggressive. I'm all about beer and beach and having fun, which is what I think life should be about, for everyone. However, I need to be poignant to make sure the message is clear, as these areas of life (law and finance) are so completely misunderstood.

    So, let me first say, with a background in law and finance... I don't care about the law(s). I really don't. I care supremely about ethics however. In my opinion, they should be mutually entangled, always; unfortunately today, they are most often mutually exclusive. And, most “laws” are not actually LAWS… they are rules, by-laws, statutes, policies, and regulations, which have very little force beyond what armed agencies and uninformed victims allow to happen… there is a distinct difference there (and I’d be happy to explain further if there be interest and an audience, but for now, let’s move on…)

    The reality is that there are literally millions of laws on the books that are unethical, and so therefore illegitimate. Entire bodies of law such as The Patriot Act and CAN-SPAM are totally illegitimate. The first virtually eliminates all rights and freedoms of Americans (and declares war on the rest of the world and an undefined thing called a “terrorist”); the latter is simply an anti-competition law penned by Google and some others. So while many consider them legitimate with force of law, I don't... and I am correct. How so? Both legislations contravene countless immutable natural laws and fundamental rights, so how could they be legit... simply not possible. Now, this doesn't prevent gun-toting bureaucrats and corrupt/uninformed judges from attempting to enforce them (and unfortunately, innocent citizens that don't have the information or resources to properly defend against them often fall victim), but that does in no way legitimize them. Bureaucracies such as FINCEN, the IRS, and the FTC constantly abuse their “powers” claiming justification with laws like these passed by the sellouts in Congress.

    A funny note to help this to sink in... of the thousands of brokers, bankers and financial professionals complicit in the mass financial frauds that resulted in the global economic collapse starting in 2007, not a single person has been charged with a single crime. Why? Because while totally unethical, completely heinous, none of them were actually a crime... in other words, they broke no laws, even though they destroyed millions of lives. At the same time, laws on the books such as The Patriot Act are destroying millions of lives year after year by allowing the destruction of freedoms at home, and perpetual death and destruction abroad through perpetual war(s). So, everyone has to be very careful about their views on the "law". The first note shows how without an obvious law, horrible things can be done "legally"; the second shows how horrible things can be done with the use of "law". I think pure ethics is the higher standard... and that's what we apply here in everything we do.

    So, here's the truth about us then...

    1) What we are protecting against are the abuses of illegitimate laws "enforced" by illegitimate bureaucracies. No scammers, no spammers are allowed on the network. We put ethics above everything, including “law”... integrity is the core principle here.

    2) We are a "full liability" network. What that means is that we take responsibility for what runs on our network. So, if we find that someone is doing something unethical, they will be given a fair chance to explain the action... if the explanation doesn't fly with us, they're off the network and we will deal with the consequences. Most networks these days take the opportunity (with a FB C&D, for example) to seize the publishers earnings, delete their account, hand over personal details without any opportunity for the publisher to explain/defend himself (the sole reason of course is for the network to justify stealing the money).

    I hope that this helps to explain things a bit. I'm more than happy to patiently and humbly answer any questions you might have.

    Best, James
  4. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Thanks for the clarification, James :)
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Nice post James, i must admit i think 077 is a great network and James is a very decent guy!
  6. CPAND

    CPAND Guest

    thanks for clearing this up, James. It's good to know where you stand
  7. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read and the time to post.

    I really do try to cut out as much content as I can and present it as simply and as clearly as possible. However, government, media and even our friends and family (social enforcement) have (often unwittingly) spread so much misinformation that these things require back stories, redefinitions and ultimately, a lot of words to properly explain.

    I hope for some this is very interesting... and, those people are likely a great fit at 007. We don't just protect our pubs from illegitimate agencies, we teach pubs how to protect themselves and their families from just about anyone or anything. Predators are everywhere these days, and setting up your affairs, financially and legally, are critical... before anything happens.

    If you have any questions beyond what I've written here, please feel free to PM me or send an email through the network.

    Best, James