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* Complaint *

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by zahtrade, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. zahtrade

    zahtrade Affiliate affiliate

    Instead of support Affiliates, they don’t report when sell made and drop commissions from statistics.

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  2. AdCombo
  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Hi. Two things:

    1. As this is your first post, is the only reason you joined our community was to have the opportunity to complain about that company?
    2. Once you have 20 decent quality posts, you can create this type of thread in the Disputes and Resolutions forum. Be aware that if you don't post clear proof of your claim, the thread will be deleted.
    There are always two sides to any of these kinds of situations. If that company (who is to remain unnamed at this time) is one of our vendors, we can try to get them to come into the forums and respond to your complaint. If they are not a vendor here, we can't intercede on your behalf.