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Combining PPC and CPA programs?



I have a domain that re-directs to my CPA program and would like to now add the PPC component to it. I believe what this means is to create adsense account and create/pay for ad to show on searches (a/k/a sponsored results) correct?

I am using Joshs' recommendation to use nichebot for keyword and keyword phrases, etc....and have found a few keywords to use.

My question now is how do i know what these keywords/ad will cost me?


Linda Buquet

Hi affbld,

Since you are posting in the Google Adwords/Adsense forum I assume when you say PPC you mean you will be using Adwords???

In that case it's easy. After you open your account you can add all your key phrases and Google will give you an estimate of the cost for each.

Here's a COOL TOOL to use to estimate costs before you even sign up.
Estimates the cost per click, total traffic and total cost per campaign.

Google has a fairly new rule about affiliate Adwords ads. Only one ad per domain is allowed. So technically you should create a landing page on your own domain. I doubt if a re-direct domain direct to the merchant would fly. They have also upped the PPC cost 10 fold on some sites that look like they are just affiliate pages or low quality landing pages.

Let me know if you need more info on either of the above issues and I can dig up some links to fill you in.