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Combat Internet Marketing Related Back Pain

Linda Buquet

Working online and sitting on your duff 12/7 can be an <em>unbelievable pain in the neck</em> and a <em>royal pain in the a$$... err... I mean coccyx</em>. If you're young and pain-free now, be aware that as you age there's a good chance you will begin to have problems if you continue to sit for prolonged periods with no stretch breaks or exercise.

<center>Do you have affiliate marketing related pain?
No I'm not talking about the pain that comes from checking your weak stats! :p </center>

I suffer from scoliosis, whiplash and severe arthritis in my neck and back and have tried everything in the book to work more comfortably. I only have time today to share a couple tips that have helped and will try to blog later about other ways to relieve that pain in your neck.

One of the things I have done lately is invest in a new ergonomic office chair and I sit as much of the day as possible, reclined back in a <strong>ZERO gravity position</strong>. Sounds weird to work almost laying down with your monitor above you, but check this out. I got a <a target="_new" href="">ZERO gravity sleep system</a> similar to this one and discovered my back pain went away when I sleep in this position. SO I decided to try to emulate that position while I work. Here's an example of the ULTIMATE chair for working, the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Stokke Gravity Balans chair</a></strong>.

<center><img src="" alt="Stokke Gravity Balans Chair" /></center>
I think it sells for over $2,000. No I don't sleep at my desk like that guy does and No that's not the chair I bought. I got a really nice, but cheap ergo chair at Office Depot that has adjustable tilt, adjustable back and adjustable seat depth - so I can pretty much work online in a ZERO gravity position. So right now I'm sort of laying down under my desk with my knees up and my monitor high and tilted down. Sounds weird but it works and has helped me a lot.

I don't exercise or take stretch breaks nearly as much as I should. My chiropractor tells me that when you sit hunched over a computer all day, one of the best stretches you can do is stand up and clasp your hands behind your back to open your chest and stretch your shoulders backwards. Here's a cool little site that shows <a target="_new" href="">animated desk exercises and stretches</a> you can do while you work.

Another area of online pain I've blogged about in the past is<strong><a target="_new" href=""> carpal tunnel pain</a></strong>, a condition that affects many online marketers, including me. (Yes, you're right, I'm falling apart!) I share some good solutions there that may help if your wrists are getting sore. NOTE: if your hand falls asleep while you are sleeping that's one of the 1st signs you could be developing a problem. If you're young and pain-free now, be aware that as you age there's a good chance you will begin to have problems so, heed my advice in that post and start taking pro-active measures now to curb the pain of CTS. Especially start using an ergo mouse!

So go NOW and take a stretch break - I'll join you!